Bruce James

…needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to this program. I just watched the special on KATV. They keep rolling that antique out there and he bad mouths the players every single time. Every single time!!! Nobody is interested in hearing how it was when he played before integration and what JFB would have done. It’s a disgrace to sit there and just blame players, when in reality, it seems that just like SMU, very few of these players liked or respect CCM, and are glad to see him gone. He wants to bang on this narrative the Chavis is this amazing coach and we just have a bunch of losers that have no business playing there. It’s a bunch of crap and those players deserve to have a coach and staff that is actually capable of developing them and coaching them properly.

So now here we are again, with a team that has laid down on its HC after 1 season. Same was said about the team and previous HC, but after 3 seasons. That’s pretty much most of the same group here (minus the purge last spring) except for the newbies this year and the very few CCM brought in the year before.
One thing that is for sure, it’s the HC who is accountable.

There is plenty of blame to go around here.

Total system failure.

Yeah but trashing players is not the way to go about it.

As everybody has said…: recruiting is the key and we have to get rid of the BB era players. For some reason, they have developed a losing mentality that appears can’t be changed.

While I don’t agree, with trashing the players, I can kind of understand old school players who busted their butts as Razorbacks having difficulty with what they see as phoning it in. If I will not give my all and blame it on someone else, yes it can indicate an issue with someone else, but seems it definitely reflects an issue with me. The desire to condem Morris, and his regime was a terrible failure, seems to allow many to ignore or minimize the actions of others.

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Bruce James has zero credibility to me. Every time he opens his mouth Wally Hall comes out.

I get what you are saying KG, but Bruce has a personal Axe to grind with CBB and treats fans like they are stupid. But no mater what he thinks of CBB, CCM never did a job of coaching as well as CBB, and that’s a fact. He was still saying he needed more time last night, trashing players, and saying nobody will come here. It’s a disgrace to me.

I don’t like think he’s the only former player who has trashed some of our players.

Did not hear him and really don’t, pay much attention to him, but as bad a job as This staff did, one might wonder how much difference it could have made with the entire team giving the effort of the Burks and Boyd’s and some others, unfortunately too few. Some of those early season losses could have been wins changing the trajectory some. Still does not mean we had the right coach, but at least it may not have the miserable result we have seen so far.

After the terrible start, all I wanted was hope, the coaching staff gave none and you can make your own assessment of what the team did or didn’t do.

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Bruce was a great player. He played with fire and intensity. That’s why he was an All-American. He believes in intensity and recruiting. That’s his background and that’s why he said what he said.

At this point, I think it’s time to move forward and lock arms. I don’t really want to bash the coaches or the players at this point. I’m more interested in who they hire as the next coach and give him a chance to motivate the players. That’s the job of the coach.


I did not see Bruce either, but I agree with you about player effort. For some reason our defense has just quit. Their effort was pathetic Saturday. Bumper Pool was all over the field, but that was about it . I saw our best defensive tackle laughing and smiling after the game and he had a whopping two tackles against WKU. So , maybe better coaching would have motivated the players , I just don’t know.

I get that Clay. But what he did 50+ years ago does not give him a free pass. DMAC wasn’t trashing players, and he was the greatest UA player ever.

As long as he wasn’t calling out players by name, I have no problem with him saying they’re not giving enough. If that’s his observation, that’s his observation. He’s a very knowledgeable observer. I wouldn’t want him doing it every week, but a generic, “players at this level shouldn’t need coaches to get them ready” is a reasonable critique.

However, I agree with Clay. At this point it’s time to move on. The coach is out & we’ll have a new one within 2-3 weeks. (At least I hope it’s that soon.) Once we have him, I’ll support him.

I think that’s a good timeline. Maybe we know before Missouri who it will be and the announcement (official) comes after

Not directed toward you NEA, but in the past whenever there’s been a coaching change the insiders/moderators on this board have felt a bit more free to now say what they really think. My hypothesis is that our coaching / game day planning was woefully insufficient and it was a deficiency of the staff. Chief has forgotten more football than I’ll ever know. Maybe it was like when Petrino was here and he wouldn’t let Robinson do what he wanted. Maybe CCM wouldn’t let Chavis dial up what he wanted. When it’s all said and done, it rests at the feet of the head coach. I will stand by that our offensive coaching/schemes had all kinds of problems the opposing defenses could pick up on and exploit.

I am not a Chavis fan and think he’s forgotten way too much, but I agree with this statement

There was an interesting article from Kelli Stacy (The Athletic, a pay site) today. She talks about a divided locker room. She also claims that Morris never embraced Bielema’s remaining players.

I do know that several players and former players were upset that Devwah got only one carry on Senior day. I must admit that I was puzzled by that.

And Devwah tweeted about it. Called CCM out.

Seems we were doomed when CCM got here. CBB Players took it personal & it was obvious on the field 1st year. House cleaning took place & the remaining CBB players just carried the torch.
But as I recall, same complaints about lack of effort & team quitting when CBB was coaching them also.