Bruce James At It Again

At it again on the Buzz. Talking out of both sides of his mouth. Says that CCM had to go, but then trashed the players and said they laid down and intentionally sabotaged the team, and quit on purpose. Then commenced to say that no coach will come here and said Dabo is telling everyone and agents that we screwed CCM over. Then saying he feels sorry for the next coach. It’s a disgrace.

The guy needs to really stop using his access to the program and misrepresenting himself.

As Don Imus would say he needs to go to the dog track.

He was a good football player for the UA. Now he needs stop talking like he is relevant and knows anything. He’s doing more harm than good.

Trying to figure what part of what he said is incorrect.


All of it.

Honest question on the players, is he wrong?

Do you not think some of them laid down or at least didn’t give it their all because they didn’t like Morris?

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I would say probably so

I disagree no coach will want to come here, but everything else he said sounds correct to me.

I’m not aware if he has any particular access to the program. He is just a very knowledgeable observer who happens to have a lot of contacts throughout the SEC

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He doesn’t know. He’s got an axe to grind with CBB, and just because CCM lost the locker room, he wants to have this narrative that the players sabotaged the program. Bunch of crap.

But how do you know?

I forget who posted it, but one poster said if our players the next two games show out a lot more than they did the last few games, it could at least be assumed that they weren’t giving full effort in those games.

Question: Do you think the last two games that the team as a whole was giving full effort?

What I do know is that CCM didn’t know what he was doing. He went through 7 QB’s. Couldn’t make any in game adjustments. He was a great recruiter. But that’s it. 17-50 as a head coach. 4-17 at Arkansas. He didn’t adjust to any of the players he had and played favorites.

There is a reason why nobody was sad to see him go. Just like at SMU.

Our AD, interim head coach, and pretty much all knowledgeable football people are all saying the team lost it after Kentucky. The blame for that is not just on the coaching staff. He is saying the players chose not to buy in, fight on, whatever you want to call it. A better coach might have overcome all of that and better players+leadership might have avoided it as well.

When he says our recruiting and talent is substandard, we may not like to hear it, but that doesn’t make it not true.


IMO, any player that doesn’t give full effort for the program regardless of their like or dislike for the coach or scheme they run on offense or defense shouldn’t be wearing the jersey.
For those that think they have a chance to continue to play at the next level this lack of effort will show up on film and not help the quest to get drafted.
Boyd is still playing at a high level because he is a stud and knows where he wants his career to go beyond college and I feel he is the best example of a player giving everything he can even on a bad team and that approach will pay off for him.
You have to have PRIDE!

Go Hogs!


Now who’s assuming?

You’re ignoring my point.

Morris’ record is what it said it is. He was the wrong coach, and is the sole reason why he is fired. Blaming players, former coaches, or anyone else is wrong. They are the ones that were putting it on the field. Morris didd’t do enough to prepare them to win.

And to say were a tainted program, and can’t get a good coach to come here, is wrong as well.

I’m not debating Morris. I’m asking you do you think the team as a whole was giving full effort the last couple of games? I don’t see calling out the truth as being wrong. Again, you are making the same assumptions that you are condemning Bruce James for.

I don’t see how anybody but the players themselves can say for sure.

Players did quit on CCM (for whatever reasons) but some of the same ones quit under CBB also (for whatever reasons). Losing and/or bad coaching from HC?
CBB early teams got beat a lot but got better and made big mistakes at bad times. But they never just quit trying. Until the good better known assistants started leaving & were replaced with whatever CBB could get. Got to have experienced, strong, player engaging assistants. That’s where player trusts lie who holds the team together mostly.

PTB at the UofA created this mess methodically & made it very difficult for any Coach to just step in & succeed here at this time of turmoil. Much less someone who doesn’t have the HC experience dealing with adverse situations of this magnitude.

When you fire the AD & HC & staff in one swoop even though both had to go because one head had to be chopped to get the other. Leaving nobody to monitor & keep the calm with the team. Their insecurities & back up plans started mounting then.
CCM comes in (however he handled it initially will all come out later) but cleans house & the wall was built-end of story.
Looked like to me our defense & whole team wanted Ty Storey to win this game.

To trash players is wrong…period. To trash the program and say we can’t get good players and coaches now is wrong too. Especially from an antique like Bruce who is being paid by an Arkansas company to come on radio and TV.

You’re dancing around my point. I agree with you calling out individual players and just bad mouthing them to no end is not right(though it happens a lot). But I’m talking about the team.

James has his opinion and you have yours.

I find it funny you say in one breath trashing players is wrong, yet you have no problem trashing a former player.

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