Bruce Feldman said Arkansas has turned the corner

but I’m not ready to say that just yet. … hip-091116

We may have indeed turned a corner … and in the SEC there are some Big Boys waiting for you around that corner. One game at a time is the focus … WPS!

This is a suggestion for posting the coaches interviews on the site. I just listened to the TCU Dan Enos interview and you can’t hear the questions being asked. Is this due to not having mics for those asking the questions? It sure would give more context to the answers if we could hear the questions. It’s different when the players are being interviewed, but I noticed where this is more informal where the reporters are right in front of players. Anyway, my suggestion would be to mic up anyone asking a question for a video that will be posted. Thanks!

Not really practical. You would have to mic up about 20 different reporters, or run around the room with a mic, which no one is going to wait for the mic to arrive.

I get what you’re saying and understand where you’re coming from (as an OKC Thunder fan, this happens to me too during their press conferences), but the only real way to get clear audio of questions in that setting is if the UA provides a mic for reporters to use, which they don’t unless it’s on game days. Every camera in there is plugged into a box providing audio from the mic in front of Bielema, so it’s up to that mic to pick up the question.

Everyone’s in close proximity to the players for those interviews, so the microphone on the camera picks those questions up.

Does it have to be provided by the UA or can one of the reporters use one they buy at a music store. One here in my town is about $35

It would need to be set up by the UA to coordinate with their sound system. Unless they do it on game days or the occasional big presser (signing day, big announcement), it probably won’t happen.

I would say we are slowly turning the corner, but have not finished. Sooie

Far to soon for this

HUGE win for the program no doubt but do we build on it?

A return trip to Dallas answers that question and it is past time to beat the Aggies!!

Well, maybe the solution would be to just “coach” the coaches to repeat the questions in situations like this.

I think we have turned a corner. Winning a tough road game early in the season is a corner turning event. But have we turned THE Corner? Hope so…