Broyles statue moved

I asked one of our photographers to get a shot of this today. They have moved the Frank Broyles statue to the south end of Razorback Stadium while they do renovation work on the north end. I’m not sure if this is a temporary or permanent move, but having Frank Broyles Field over the shoulder of Frank Broyles has a pretty sharp look to it.

I absolutely love it. I hope they leave it there.

I love it there!

Looks great. Hope to see of statue of CBB one day. Gonna need a larger space for that statue though. :lol:

Living legacy.

We Hogs are blessed this good man left Georgia
for Arkansas.

as in when SEC network lets us promote ourselves during a game. How that photo op was missed before is strange. If they move it back then an inquisition should result. Jeff Long needs to pull a Trump and make an executive order to keep that where it is now. Truly a great shot to promote over and over. Get CBB to buy in also. Fortuitous move, undoubtedly without much forethought as to how positive it could be. Don’t blow it and move it back. Please get JFB to weigh in and endorse it’s permanent placement. His legacy deserves constant reminder.

I think more people will see the statue in its current location. You can’t miss it when you are driving down Razorback Road, whereas it was difficult to see in front of the Broyles Center unless you were in the parking lot.

Please put it on a pedestal and secure it. Some of the kids at school might just haul it off.

I have always thought our stadium should be Frank Broyles Stadium…I don’t care how much the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation gave us. Money is not everything. He built this program.

Yep, love this new location. It will be a great photo op for fans who want to take their picture by the statue with the stadium in the background.

And he would tell you that he wouldn’t have been able to build the program without donors like Donald W. Reynolds (foundation) or Bud Walton or Charlie Baum or Fred Smith or many others that have things named after them.

They have included it in the SEC intros or highlights during a game. There is a segment showing on-campus statues (Pat Summitt, Bear Bryant, JFB, etc.).

That caught me off guard. Lol. Funny