Browns miracle man tried to get into AR??

not homeless, but damn close is the story of Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi who ran a punt back for a TD to inspire his Browns teammates and all of America who roots for underdogs:

Sheehy-Guiseppi dropped out of Phoenix College, went to a bank, applied and received a credit card and maxed it out, traveling to every FBS school from Arizona to Florida with the same request: Watch my film.

Before he could even attract an offer, though, he found out he only had one more year of eligibility remaining because he didn’t start playing football until his third academic year of school. To make matters worse, he was nine credits short of being able to transfer.

He was stuck.

“Only one school wanted to watch it,” Sheehy-Guiseppi said, “but I went to every big-time school in the SEC you could think of, Big 12, and then I came back and I didn’t have any money to go back to school.”

Great story that strikes me as inspirational … ed-a-tryou

Awesome story about the human heart. GRIT.
I hope he makes an NFL roster.

guess Brett Bielema did not share walk on enthusiasm?? JC tops in returning could have gotten an interview. I wonder who the one school was that wanted to see his tape? 4.38 speed is easy to see if given the chance.

Walk on or not, you still have to meet eligibility requirements. I doubt the UA or any SEC school would just say no. These schools look at lots of film of lots of players. Kind of doubt he was just brushed off by 14 SEC schools.

Let’s count the ways you got this wrong, from the story:

  1. He didn’t want to walk on, he wanted a scholarship.

  2. He had only one year of eligibility left. You might take a grad transfer for one year who has proven himself at the D-I level. But a juco punt returner?

  3. He was nine credits short of being able to transfer.

Never let it be said that facts make a difference when it comes to bashing Bret Bielema. Kind of like American politics.

Bret Bielema did take a lot of walk-ons, but this guy wanted a scholarship, like Jeff said. But, the tough part about punt returners is that you don’t get to see many returns, enough to know what to do about giving a guy like this a scholarship. Not many punts are returned any more. I doubt it would have helped Bret much anyway since the defense didn’t get enough stops on defense to make the punt return a real weapon.

Anyway, it’s a pretty cool story. Wouldn’t have been nearly as good if one of the SEC or Big 12 teams took him.

This, however, is a very factual bash of CBB…