Brown, Calloway, Curl, Curtis, McClellion

Very far from a given, but what an incredible start to 2017 that would be.

If BB can pull it off it’ll be the best DB class we’ve ever signed - by the ratings at least.

I’d put Jordan Curtis on that list too.

Definitely. Fixed it.

Jarques McClellion ?

Haha, you’re right too. I was going by high rankings, obviously, but he’s got some really good offers.

McClellion offers per ESPN: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan State, Louisville, etc.

Even better.

Better add the Stewart guy from New Orleans.

Solid list. I hope that a few are good enough to play this year but also hope we can RS a few of them.

It’s also possible that the ones who can’t quite get into the DB rotation are good enough to contribute right away on special teams.