Broughton CB to A&M

The thought of having him was nice atleast.

I didn’t think we actually had a legitimate chance, regardless of the visit high.

:evil: :evil: I am not real confident of us ever getting guys that dominant,they just don’t come here,some develop into being great ala Trey Flowers but those kind just don’t come here and why we struggle to be good up front.

Sosa is about the only one in my lifetime that has.

I like him a lot, but even he hasn’t lived up to his hype.

Would be nice to get that for sure, I’m going to dominate every game, type of DL.

Sosa is really a tweener not quick enough to play outside and he will not be big enough to handle it inside this yr.He will make some plays but against the big boys they are going to take away his quickness by just running right at him and those big OG will get some push on him or they will DT out of the hole…Yeah I can’t remember the last great DT we had Philon had a good yr but we just get those type players.

No doubt Arkansas must exceed expectation on the field (7or8 wins) to have a good recruiting class. I see Arkansas having a top 20 class.

I believe Arkansas will sign either Vernon Broughton or Omari Thomas as their DT. Texas is a bigger threat for Broughton than Tex A&M.

CMM is the best recruiter as Head Coach since Coach Frank Broyles. In order for a head coach to be a great recruiter, they must enjoy meeting people and selling their program.

Dumb question–what is CB?

Crystal ball.

Basically a recruiting analyst making a prediction in where they will go to school. Seen on 247.

We also have one for him, by Danny west. But what I’ve learned with watching CBs, it’s always about the latest one.