Brooks Ellis

Haven’t seen much written about him. Should be. He played like an AA. Not just the INT. He was big the whole game.

We’ve actually had quite a bit on him. Nate Allen’s entire column today was about the three Fayetteville High players. And I touched on that in my column Sunday.

But yes, he did play outstanding - 13 tackles, 3 TFL and a pick-six.

There may be an unwritten rule about not awarding both offensive and defensive players of the week in SEC to the same team, but I thought Brooks was more deserving of the award than UT player who covered 3 fumbles. Being in the right place at right time is luck for those. Brooks was in the right place at the right time because he made a play to be there. Int return for a touchdown and 3 tfl.

The pick 6 was HUGE. BE was a machine!

His play was awesome and we need more of that moving forward

Love seeing hometown heroes bring the HOGS national attention