Brooks Ellis

I have a friend and her son attended the championship game between Fayetteville and NLR. He is a good young man and he is also handicapped. Biggest hog fan maybe in existence. Anyway, he spotted Ellis in the stands. Walked over to him and introduced himself and told Ellis I’m the biggest hog fan ever. Ellis responded that’s awesome dude. Anyway, Ellis took the time to speak w him for 10 minutes or so and took 3 pictures w him. Cudos to Ellis for taking the time to spend time w this young man who adores the hogs. This is the type of uncommon man that plays for us. Thank you Brooks Ellis, you made someone’s day.

Brooks Ellis is a special person. You are never going to hear anything but good things about him. Always. Some day he’s going to be a surgeon. I’d want someone like him to operate on me.

That’s wonderful for Brooks Ellis to be kind to a young hog fan. It’s shows what type of person he is as well as it’s a direct reflection of his parents!
Proud to hear we have current hogs that are as much fans as we are. WPS.

Great Hog who gave his all - wish him the very best in the future.

He is a very good football player but an even better citizen. He is a great representative of Fayetteville.

This isn’t to detract from Brooks, but to say that this is a reflection of the character of the team. There are a lot of high-character people on this year’s team that I could see doing something similar.