Brooks and Foucha know all our plays curious to what Briles plans to do about it

Those two guys know our entire playbook since they were here 3 years.
Mcglothern/Jackson will not really know much of theirs since they were only there for such a short period of time with the new staff.

Last year LSU blitzed us more than anybody we played and when we played them we threw 17 balls within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage 12 on the line of scrimmage.
Hopefully we will take advantage of the middle of the field because that’s going to be open.

Going to be very interested to see how we plan to attack them since they have two guys who know our plays and tendencies and personnel

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Everyone has playbooks for all coaches. It’s called tape. Knowing the players is more what helps. They have practiced against KJ. The flip side, our players know them, too.

That’s true
Mcglothern and Jackson weren’t around long enough to gain a whole lot of Intel… so we really can’t get a lot from them probably about their offense.

Will definitely be interesting to see how we try to attack them. The Auburn quarterback who’s not known to be a very good passer at all torched them for 337 yards, they have also given up over 200 yards rushing at least twice.

The defense I’ve seen the last 2 weeks doesn’t look vulnerable like that

Number 40 and number 18 on defense will be the ones we have to keep in check. They are both studs and are their big playmakers .

Both played a big part of the Bama win. Our hogs would have been a different team if they would’ve stayed. As for both of them knowing our play book it is no different than the 2 point play in the Liberty game everyone knew where the play was going before the snap. Liberty coaches and players, the tv announcers and even the fans watching on tv! How many times have our hogs took the ball to the edge in that spot or ran a play similar to what LSU ran?

For a two-point conversion we have not tried anything but up the middle run. The Tim Tebow fake run pop pass to Knox worked early in the year down around the goal line but you just straight ahead dive Right up the middle.

The two point attempt against Ole Miss last year, which didn’t work either.

A two-point play is essentially fourth and 3. Kevin Kelley notwithstanding, there’s a reason most coaches punt on fourth and 3. It’s not easy to convert.

Yeah that was supposed to be a shuttle pass against Ole Miss and would have worked if KJ would have pitched it to DJ but yeah it went around the corner after that

I don’t care who you are, every coach should have 3 or 4 plays ready for situations like this.

LSU had the perfect play set up to beat the Tide.

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Yeah Kelly said the reason he went for it was because he knew that was a play they had not seen and that is very good coaching… defense when they have to react to what you’re doing will pretty much always be a step behind. They knew what we were going to do and they had seven people in the box waiting on it.

Better be some damn good scheming this week cause our Jimmie’s can’t run with their Joe’s.

Possibly we make better and more timely adjustments to how they attack us early on O.

Could get ugly if they are interested, nobody can cover Boutte. We don’t have anyone our D as fast as Boutte or their QB.

Watch Penn State put QB under center and toss to back who scores running to the pylon. The ball was spotted inside the 5.

I think Mcglothern can cover him they’ve seen each other he knows how he runs his routes. They start 2 freshmen offensive tackles the key will be able to get pressure and keep him from being able to run wide and keep him hemmed up in the middle.

I think if we can score 27 we can win the game

One of those freshman tackles whipped Will Anderson a bunch Saturday night. He’s no slouch. Not many do that to Anderson.

Yeah I know number 66 was a five star, number 50 probably was highly recruited player too… they’re both excellent players. But I’ve seen both of them get beaten pretty easy as well… they’re freshmen they’re going to be really good some plays and not so good others. This is not one of their better OL and why they’ve struggled in some games offensively.

I think if KJ can get healthy and have a very good game we can pull this out …I think our defense is actually coming on. We looked much better Saturday outside of a couple of plays against a very solid offensive team in Liberty

The situation sets up perfectly for Arkansas.

  1. LSU will have trouble getting over a big win. You see it all the time.
  2. Arkansas will want to redeem themselves from the egg they laid against Liberty.
  3. Home field advantage if the fans show.

This will be the upset of the week.


I like the way you think moark!

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