Bronx guard has attention of Hogs

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He’s down to Arkansas, Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma State and Syracuse.

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Teammates with Ian Jackson. Might be something cooking. Looks like a really good shooter too.

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I recall a great Hog point guard from the Bronx. Plus he’s a great guy.

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Yep. Kareem was a great point guard. Fearless driving the lane. But had the strangest shot I’ve ever seen. But it went in mostly.

I live in metro NYC. The Metro North RR runs right behind Cardinal Hayes High School. It is an imposing edifice.

Wasn’t Kenny Hutchinson another NYC guard?

He was a lefty, wasn’t he?

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Kareem is left handed…


You never know when someone will see the error of their ways :rofl:

Sure was.

Not seeing it with no visit. Looks like he’ll stay close to home.

Yes. And so was Gary Ervin.

Yep, but Gary transferred from Moo U so he wasn’t a direct NYC recruit.

Also, just remembered Gary was a Brooklyn native. Kamani Johnson is a Brooklyn guy too.

Another transfer.