Brokenhearted--but extremely proud!

What a GREAT YEAR Basketball Hogs.

You gave all of us SO MUCH JOY. I couldn’t be prouder to be a Hog fan/


Amen, brother.


Most enjoyable year since 94/95 years to me and that’s to take nothing away from last seasons team. I liked this group tremendously and could not be prouder of the way they played and handled themselves on the court and before the press. Congrats to all players and coaches, thanks for the great season. WPS


I attended UofA from 87-91 and witnessed Nolan first get it going. By the time I graduated, you knew this was not a “one off” type of thing. You knew we were not going to ever have to worry about “making” the tournament, but worry about our seed and how far we would advance.

I can not help but feel we are back to that standard. Muss has it going and Man, it feels good.

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We won a couple of games this year that took me back to the early Sutton era when we didn’t really know if we could compete at the highest level. In '77 when we went 26-1 then gagged away a 15-point lead to Wake Forest at Norman, I didn’t know if that just meant we were the best of a bad league. I still didn’t know until we beat UCLA in the '78 Sweet 16 that we were really good, and even then two days later we let Fullerton hang around way too long before we edged them to reach the Final Four. (If you weren’t alive then, Fullerton had the ball at the end with a shot to win after we bricked a couple of free throws; we got a steal and runout to save the game and Fullerton swore we fouled them on the steal).

The Auburn and Gonzaga games reminded me of the feeling after that UCLA game. Beating #1 at home, and again on a neutral court… you don’t do that very often. Came up nine points short last night, but we ran into an extremely talented buzzsaw playing at the top of its game.

Even in the 94-95 era, the feeling wasn’t the same. I knew we were extremely talented and we were ranked very high throughout both seasons. I think Blue Ribbon Yearbook, which was the preseason authority at the time, picked us to win the natty in '94. So we handled the expectations, but the feeling isn’t the same as putting a team together out of nowhere like Muss did in January.


Never forget that NCAAT loss to Wake Forest. We were good. Just chalked it up to NCAAT jitters or choke or whatever you want to call it. Since we hadn’t been in tourney in forever before that I could remember. I was Sr in high school and we had just lost state championship by 3 points. Bummer times

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