Brokenhearted and Proud

If it hurts this much for me to see them lose I can only imagine what the coaches and players are feeling today.

I am so proud of this team. Scrappy, determined, and gutsy, they never gave up. I never saw this run coming and that is why you should never count out DVH. He is an amazing coach.

Next year is going to look a lot different. I am interested to see what we have.

Love this team. So mucch.



Agree 100%. Even though it stings a little, the pride I’ve acquired in this team far outshines any disappointment I felt in losing yesterday. This has been one of the scrappiest, never-give-up Razorback teams I’ve watched in a long time. Connor Noland pitched his guts out yesterday, but so did the OM pitcher…so, deservedly-earned props go out to both. It just wasn’t our day, just like on Wednesday when it wasn’t OM’s day to win after loading the bases in the ninth with no outs and coming up short. That’s baseball, and sometimes the best team doesn’t win. None of this affects my loyalty to the team or to DVH, though. We are so lucky to have him, and to have the program we have. I’m a died-in-the-wool Hog Caller, and will be until the day I die.

Loved this team, can’t wait till next year, and…GO HOGS!!!


Baseball can be cruel. But I do believe sometimes the best answer is sometimes “that’s baseball.” Just gotta keep putting yourself there. Dave Van Horn will do that.


None of the players know me from Hogan’s goat, but I’ve come to look upon each of them as family. That’s always one reason I hate to see the season end & another reason I hate to see us lose. Watching these guys over 60 times per year–and some of them for 3 or 4 years–they become like your own kids.

I hurt when they hurt. I’m happy when they’re happy. I hate seeing any of them leave. It’s like having a kid leave for college. You know it’s best. You know it needs to happen. But you know they’re not coming back & it sucks.


I get it @neastarkie. Another thing I will miss is Phil and Bubba calling the games. They are great.

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While I may be down about our hogs getting beat yesterday I’m so proud of the all the them They conduct themselves with respect and dignity. We are blessed to have such a good man as our baseball coach. DVH will win it all someday maybe next year.
We are all spoiled expecting them to win all the time. The sometimes find myself expecting more out of them than what I should expect. I sure hope OU beats Ole Miss !


I agree with everything said. Only worst part, we live in Mississippi between Oxford and Starkville. Last year we pulled for the Bulldogs and were happy when they won…BOOMER SOONER!!!


I feel the same way, Neast. I hurt for them but they will all realize what they’ve accomplished in short order and the disappointment will fade away. I read this from another poster somewhere and it’s so true… the worst feeling in the world may be as a player lining up to play a game and seeing “ARKANSAS” across the front of the opposing team’s jersey. That really makes me proud.


We will kick the door in one day. Just have to keep knocking. Proud of the team. Top 3 finishers and it still stings a bit.


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