I rarely drop my pun and snarky veneer. I’m doing so today.

Broeric was a long time poster and sometime moderator of the old Scout HI board. He may have been a moderator here.

In 2018, Broeric left to be a missionary in Uganda. He was truly a man doing God’s work.

Broeric’s wife has been diagnosed with leukemia. They have 4 boys. They need all the prayers we can give them.


:pray::pray::pray::pray: prayers for the family.

Having spent time in Zambia with missionaries I know first hand the scarifies they make to share the Gospel. Thank @Pavlovhog1 for letting us know to pray. I remember him being on the board. Prayers for healing & comfort.


I hosted him at my home in Little Rock one night years ago, as I know you did too Pavlov… truly a family following the Lord. Thanks for the update! Praying!

That weekend my wife and oldest son were in Orlando on a Band trip, and my youngest son (about 10 at the time) and I spent several hours with Eric, shooting basketball, talking and playing Clue.

Interestingly, my youngest was called to the ministry a few years ago, and is about to be a Jr in College.

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Prayers made. Thanks for sharing.

Praying for Her and the family.

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