Broadcast Team Yesterday

Was annoying. McIlroys voice is whiny and Joe T is a little too excitable on play by play for my taste. They both need some new material if they call another Ole Miss game bc they could not stop talking about Coral. I would’ve liked to hear how Ole Miss was gashing us at the line of scrimmage with their blocking schemes or something that football savvy folks should know.

Also, these guys talked to both coaches and some players this past week and must know that several of our defenders are hurt. A healthy Catalon yesterday and we win big bc he’s usually our eraser.


Who else is injured?

Tessatore was way too proud of Matt Corral. I have never heard such over the top praise and shilling for a player to win the Heisman. It was sickening.


That’s the only thing that ESPN has left that they do well. - identifying their choices and then gang-hyping them as trophy candidates (watch them peddle Iowa starting in 3 - 2 - 1 - …)

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Yesterday was advertising for Corral! Nothing more. Mute your TV and listen to the radio.

I thought McElroy was okay, but agree completely about Tessitore. He was over the top excited & a one-man Corral cheerleading squad. You’d have thought he won that game by himself. Hell, they kept showing highlights of him talking to players on the bench.

I thought both McElroy and Tessatore were also complimentary of KJ and talked highly of Burks and Sanders. Corral is up for Heisman, so naturally he is going to get more pub than KJ. If Matt was a Hog, we would be upset if the announcers did not talk good about him.

To each his own. I have always liked them myself. Each duo is unique.

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To me it wasn’t just the broadcast crew. The TV production seemed off. The camera seemed to be behind a bunch of times, like it was an amateur in the studio directing the views. Add the herky-jerky direction to the constant updates they were doing and the advertising and you get a viewing experience far from satisfying. If you just compare the production quality during our game on ESPN with the CBS afternoon game I think CBS produced a far more watchable game. Commentators are a whole different ball of wax.

I thought Greg was fine, but Joe was a little much. I understand that Corral is gonna get the hype and deseverdly so, but Joe was even getting excited when Corral was talking to the players on the sideline. I expected him to say he was getting a tingly feeling down his leg at some point.

I thought both were fine for a national broadcast.

It’s not meant to be a pro-Arkansas one.

I thought they were highly complimentary of both QBs and both offenses as they should have been.


Are our fans more paranoid about Announcers or Refs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My dad always said…”son it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you”. :wink: :rofl:


I didn’t think they were pro-OM or anti-Ark. I just thought Tessatore was over the top about Corral. It’s not unusual for that sort of thing to happen in a national broadcast. They pick a player to hype and they do it. I don’t care for it. The team isn’t the focus

I guess Arkansas fans always hear what they say about the other team. When another player on the other team is playing well, the announcers are going to talk good about them. When are our fans going to understand that?

They also wore out the “KJ is returning home” quite a bit. That was starting to get on my nerves and they’re talking about my favorite QB on my favorite team. I was like, we know he’s from Mississippi, but you don’t have to remind us every play KJ does something well.

Seems like. I do not understand the media/announcer criticism. Starting with Beth Mowins. Now Greg McElroy. And so on…

As I recall, we used to get the same type of coverage when we had a player who was considered high on the Heisman list, but that was okay!

I rarely listen to the broadcast team, put the TV on mute, watch the game, and at the same time catch up on my podcasts and other things I want to listen to. I don’t need somebody calling play-by-play for me, I’m seeing it. It’s a suggestion for those who don’t like the broadcast crew.

If you really want play-by-play, you can always turn down the TV and listen to Chuck Barrett call the game, easily found on radio or internet stream. I believe there’s a link right on the Razorback football home page.

Agree. Anytime you have a guy being talked up for the Heisman trophy, the player will be talked up especially when he’s having the type of game Corral was having.

I thought they were very complementary of KJ.

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They’re usually good. And I know fans always say this, but yesterday was a bad day for them. They came into it planning on hyping Corral for the Heisman all day and that’s what they did.

But for mentioning KJ being from nearby a few times, he was largely an afterthought—an afterthought that ended up with over 400 yards and 6 TDs and had some absolutely eye-popping plays.

They finally mentioned him being up to the challenge about midway through the 4th quarter, after ignoring him most of the day in favor of Corral (they were even running Corral’s stats on the bottom line when we had the ball, and even though KJ’s were as good or better).

If he didn’t outplay Corral, he at the very least played right with him. He missed the one big throw but was otherwise great. Much of Corral’s production came on 2 huge busts. I’m not saying he would not have still scored on those drives—just that they were gift-wrapped.

But, the announcers were kind of ridiculously over-the-top with the Corral stuff. We’ve seen it before. They helped Tebow to a Heisman-not those specific guys, but that network. Dmac lost one because he was an underclassman and his team didn’t win enough. Then he lost one to a younger underclassman whose team won the same number of games or less.

It’s a hype machine. I guess the trick is to be one of their hypees. We have gotten a little of it with Sam.

Yesterday was just silly, though.