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I know I have been one of the worst whiners here about those calling the games, but when I think things cannot get worse, they do. Yes the crew was fair in their infatuation with the Montverde kids, but they missed a lot of this game. Is is too extreme to want to know if a foul is called and on whom the foul might have been called? It may be that I am slow, but there were times the main way I knew a foul was called, was foul shots being taken. I swear there was one time the announcer yelled out like a child as if the player was a super hero.

Second game in a row that UA’s performance has been forgotten by the announcers. We heard more about Auburn’s PG than UA’s stifling defense vs Ole Miss last week. (did I get the teams right?)

I would not want to do a game the way they’re having to do it, sitting in your basement or office or whatever, hundreds of miles away. They have multiple monitors available, I’m told, so they see a little more than we do, but not that much. It was hard enough back in the day for me writing a game story off TV or radio. Trying to describe the action in real time off a monitor would suck. There’s no way they can have all the information they would have if they were sitting courtside, including getting the officials to explain certain calls or why they’re going to replay review.

I’ll bet that this will become the new normal for many games. Cutting expenses of travel will overcome any loss of being there.

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Wouldn’t surprise me.

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The crew that did our game was better than listening to Dickie “V”! The distant announcing is tough gig. They have always abused the hogs. Not knowing a players name is one thing but taking about players on other games has gotten old. At least this year they don’t blow as much about Kentucky. They should try to sign Copper and be his agent! Or heck he probably already has one that Pearl hooked him up with.

You don’t need the announcers. Turn the sound down.

If the referee raises his hand in a fist, it’s a foul. If it’s an open hand, it’s not.

Simple stuff. I know it immediately.

You do not need the announcer. If he’s not there, you have as good a seat as he does. Don’t bother with sound.

This is the nature of TV broadcasts doing the game remotely.

We had a little of this the last few years. More now with Covid.

But I bet you would be less frustrated if you turn off the sound.

There are many times I turn off sound with sports. I may give a crew a few minutes, or not at all.

If they are not there, why listen?


Your television must get a better picture than mine and for that matter than the remote announcers, because seems they were confused from time to time as well. I understand the challenges of remote broadcasting, but seems that this may change the role of the broadcast team to be more focused on keeping the audience updated.

I’ve been watching a lot of our games while riding a lifecycle at my local community center. Since there is no sound on, I improve my blood pressure in two ways. The exercise and not having to listen to the paid blabbers.

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I understand the issue. Just remember they are seeing the same picture as you.

My hearing has gotten so bad I use closed captions on regular stuff like news but for games I just watch like I would if I were present at the game. I do not feel I miss anything. I never paid attention to the PA at real games anyway.

Now as a kid listening to the radio broadcast announcers were necessary of course, but not these days.

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