Britton Wilson sets 400M NCAA record

At the SEC Outdoor championships in Baton Rouge. It is also the current world lead and her personal best.


She had the world lead from her time in Gainesville last month. Then she knocked 0.11 off that tonight. Her time tonight is the 30th fastest open 400 of all time according to World Athletics.

I thought she had lost the world lead recently to someone. Maybe not. Too much to remember.

I also looked up her 400 hurdles best time. It’s #24 on the all-time world chart.

We are poised to win both the women’s and men’s championships. Transfer portal has been huge for both teams.

Men are ranked #1 in the country, women are #3. Another sweep at nationals is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Nationals is entirely different proposition with the qualifying standards.

BTW, SEC Network coverage of the final day (all finals) starts at 5 pm.

She did it again in the finals. 49.13, won by a city block. Now #17 on the all time list. And she has two more races, probably. Florida has kept the team race close enough that Lance can’t back off. The men, meanwhile, are running off with the title.

Thats awesome and fast!! I guess I switched channels a tad early getting ready for Diamond hogs. Guessing no link to her race?

Not yet! It was like 10 minutes ago, if that.

To be precise, she won by 1.39 seconds. We also finished 6-7-8, so that’s 16 points to 6 for the Wallets.

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Thought maybe I’d catch it on secn later then.

Women now lead by 18 over the Aggies. Men lead by 31 over the host Corndogs.

Women’s 100 dash finals, we have one entry, TAM has two. Nugent got 4th for the Hogs, Aggies finished 7th and 8th, so that adds another two points to our lead.

Thanks for the update. I am at the Travelers baseball game. My son threw the ceremonial first pitch along with Darryl Strawberry, so I had to be at the game. I will be looking for your updates and watching for results online.

Wilson won the 400 hurdles in 53.28. There was a weather delay, although the baseball game across the street continued. Also, Ayden Owens-Delerme won the men’s 400 hurdles.

Women still up by 18, men are up by 51. I have to be at the airport at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow so I will probably shut down soon.

Wow! Owens/Delerme is a big surprise. Didn’t expect that

48.26 time. PR, obviously

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Three points in the women’s 200, Florida got 5.

What is the current lead for men?