Britney Griner wswapped/released one for one

just happened, Russian arms dealer straight up

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Glad she’s free, but a pretty lousy deal IMHO.


Yeah….score one for Russia on this one. Glad she is free but ughhhh on the swap!


Yep, played our heart strings…

Lousy way to get any American freed from a foreign country! What’s next!


And yet, former Marine, Paul Whelan, remains imprisoned. SMH.


NO ONE person is bigger than the national security of the nation!! NO ONE. Yet we just made the world a more dangerous place by trading The Merchant of Death, an arms dealer and known terrorist, for an America hating pot smoking basketball player. Should never have happened. Failure of colossal magnitude. And to add insult to injury… they left U.S. Marine veteran Paul Whelan behind.


Time to add something to the list of colossal blunders!!
#1 Never get involved in a land war in Asia
#2 Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line

And now…

#3 Never trade THE MERCHANT OF DEATH to a dictator bent on war for a basketball player.


Wow. Good to see the above comments on this board!

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Really happy that she is able to come home! I can’t imagine how terrible that must have been for her and her family not knowing if they would ever see each other again.


All these "glad she’s been released, but … " sentiments. I just can’t.

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They’re still working on getting Whelan out. Russians are treating him differently because he’s accused of espionage.

Inconceivable. However, not unexpected because of who was primary in approving the trade. We, as Americans, can be happy Griner was released, but bitterly disappointed that Paul Whelan was left behind. Paul should have been the primary party in negotiations. Include Britney in the negotiations, but don’t finalize the trade without Paul. What’s the motto of the Marines, no soldier left behind. Yet we leave him behind. Terrible priorities by our leaders.


The scales of justice were totally out of balance on this trade. I would not trade 10 Griners for 1 Merchant of Death. He is a danger to the US and the world. The loss of life that can be laid at his feet is enormous. She was not worth his freedom. PERIOD.

I’ve not seen a trade this bad since the Minnesota / Dallas Hershel Walker trade.


From what I’ve heard, we offered them Bout in exchange for Griner and Whelan. They said we’ll release Griner, but we won’t release Whelan. They wanted an exchange of a spy for a spy, but our position is that we don’t have any Russian spies in custody. Then they asked for a spy that the Germans have in custody.

Here’s what Whelan’s brother had to say, as reported by Politico:

David Whelan, Paul’s brother, described the news in a statement as “a disappointment for us. And a catastrophe for Paul.” But he said “the Biden administration made the right decision to bring Ms. Griner home and to make the deal that was possible, rather than waiting for one that wasn’t going to happen.”

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His brother’s a better man than I. Paul’s been there for 4 years. My thoughts are not prejudiced. I place blame on both of our last 2 presidents. Each had 2 years to get this done. They have both failed to bring an American hero back from Russia. No excuses for either one of them hold any water!


In my opine, Paul’s brother is wrong. No decision to release the Merchant of Death is right. NONE. I’m not even sure why he is still breathing. He needed to meet his maker in my opinion. The only way I’d possible consider releasing him is if he had totally been flipped and was now a working US asset to tear down terror networks. That’s it… otherwise he should have been planted in the ground.


Not to go further than noting the rather vast differences between the two people held by the Russians and the Russian resistance to Paul Whelan’s release at this time. While Whelan was a Marine at one time he was dishonorably discharged in 2008 with a conviction of theft among other acts and his conviction was upheld on appeal. The circumstances of his arrest by Russia are strange due to his behavior involved in longtime association with a Russian security officer (he is alleged to have given the officer a UBS drive with all the employee names of a classified security agency) plus the 80,000 in cash he attempted to illegally bring into Russia. I should add he has actively maintained not dual but triple citizenship since birth. Nick Kalman has several tweets concerning the release and the efforts for his release.

IMO in regard to Britney Griner’s release, the United States negotiated for both the release of Whelan and her in exchange for the release of Viktor Bout. For whatever reason, they would not accept that exchange. Reading between the lines the Whelan case seems much more serious than Griner’s case with a charge of espionage along with the illegal money issue.

Griner’s arrest has always reminded me of the Dallas County Sheriff’s encounter with the Rolling Stones - much to do about very little but unfortunately for her, the Russians saw her concealed possession as a trump card. I am much concerned about what the heck is Muss going to do about the loss of Brazile.


A case could be made for not trading him for anyone, period. If people are happy trading him for Whelan, feel like there is some other agenda at play.


Glad the WNBA player is coming home. As for this “Merchant of Death”, no amount of arms dealing will improve a third rate economy, or a third rate military.We take Russia seriously for one reason, nukes. A big reason to be sure. Many reports have Putin very I’ll. Some say a type of blood cancer. Sooner rather than later Putin will done away with. Either by illness or coup. When Putin is gone, we should stay out of the Russian power struggle and see who comes out on top. Then we make overtures to the new government about lifting sanctions if they choose to end the war.Absolutely no reason to try to make a new Russian Government a new enemy.


It’s unfortunate that Griner, Whelan or any other American citizen is in a position where we are obliged to horse-trade for their freedom with Putin, but it is what it is.