british open

So what happened to NBC and its golf coverage and is there any way to watch? Been up since 4 am trying to figure this out while being a technological neanderthal…

It’s on the local NBC affiliate here in Chattanooga. Not sure when it began today.

Not a lot of it is live as they are in GMT I think.

Watching on NBC as I type.

If you have DirecTV, you can watch on channels 701 - 705. I can’t get KNWA in Fayetteville, but I can watch the NBC feed on 702. (701 is a mix channel showing 4 feeds.)

Yeah ROKU! A few months ago, I switched from DirecTV back to U-Verse. Here in Central Arkansas, for the last 2 weeks, I can’t get the local NBC affiliate as they are negotiating a new contract with AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV. I just now discovered I can add the NBC Sports package free on ROKU. Even though I get the NBC Sports channel on U-Verse, it’s not showing the Open, but the ROKU NBC Sports package includes sports airing on NBC. So, voila, I can now watch the Open through streaming on ROKU for free!

For information for everybody. DirecTV does this for all major sports events such as tennis and golf majors on channels 701 thru 705. For tennis, they show dedicated coverage from each of the main courts plus the network channel and a mix channel. For golf in addition to the network feed channel, a mixed channel plus dedicated coverage of two featured groups. Same thing for other sports events.

So Leaders tee off 1:47pm(Northern Ireland Time)