Bring on the Bi Zon

An 8-4 team who slayed the mighty Injun Wolves earlier. A decent team to be sure, and then there’s the curse of Alltel/Verizon. I’d be more worried about playing their football team in War Memorial, but still, this is not a team we can overlook.

Jan and I will have a split house when they play, since she is from Fargo and went to school there. She was upset when James Madison whipped the Bison, really upset. Wanted to go to Frisco again.

Upset? What does she have to be upset about? Five in a row is not enough? Man I feel sorry for you. This must be a hard woman to please. LOL! I’ve come to enjoy watching the Bizon every December. Especially love those 12 minute pack a lunch drives. I don’t know how much that Fargo Dome cost to build, but I’m sure it was worth every penny.

I call on NDSU. Was there just 2 weeks ago. It is a very nice school surrounded by great, great people. Have an event at the FargoDome each fall as well. Very nice and a real help and need in that country.

Their BB team beat OU in the NCAA just 2 years ago. I suspect they have a good team, but do not know. I would not go to sleep on them. That is good BBall country up there.

It cost $48 million when it was completed in 1992, which is thought to be roughly equivalent to $81 million today.