Bring me a truckload of Crow

And wash it down my gullet with ice cold celebratory Heineken.

When Sam was hired I posted some not so nice things about not hiring a proven HC.

It wasn’t personal - I liked him personally - but felt it was imperative to hire a proven HC given our situation.

Well, he’s done a very nice job thus far and I’m very happy for him and the kids. A gritty, gut check win.


Way to man up. Respect.


It seems that his former players knew what they were talking about.

I continue to be more impressed by Sam all the time.




A good find, Swine.

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I’ve had that one saved on my computer for a few years. It comes in handy at times.

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Plate is too small

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I just took a bite. I thought the Mississippi State offense would overwhelm us. That’s the best defensive game we have played in years. Now if the offense can figure it out.

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I’ll take a wing please

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It is so great to have coaches who prepare a team so well. Barry Odom is doing such a superb job with this defense. He has the Hogs playing defense like we did when we were a great program. How those guys never wore down is something I don’t understand, but I do appreciate the great effort. We just kept comin’,

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Eating crow beats watching that losing streak grow!!

It seems likely that our defensive line coach is well above average.
We have some serious ability in our defensive coaches that bodes well in recruiting. We were missing three important starters from our starting defense and our linebacker/captain was playing injured. Through in our top running back and wide receiver out most of the game and the fact the team rallied and persevered for the win speaks loudly.

there were a lot of players rotating on the DL. Do we know yet how many played on the DL yesterday? I hope more than six. They did not seem to get tired, due to the rotation I suppose.

I counted 7 in the participation chart and 4 that had stats.

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