Bring back Robkin and the dancing HOG Band, may need it to keep with CEM.


And bring back Slobber Hog to mid-court. End the curse.

Yes sir. B

Ummmm, let’s try to get past all that and move forward. Robken? The guy hasn’t been around since, when, the late 80s?

I agree. Get rid of that apostate feral hog at center court

LOVED Robkin. Would be a perfect fit. Call him up! Now we’re talkin.

don’t care how long its been since he’s been here, he fired up the fans and made it a blast to go to games. before the games he would play loony tunes hits. what I’m saying, if find someone to lead the pep band that has some personality, can get the fans riled up, make the spirit stick lighting to the top a priority, and get more students in the arena. get those jeff long sit on your butt fans that have big money moved and lets gets some enthusiasm in that arena again.

You have nailed it.


Ummmm, let’s try to get past all that and move forward. Robken? The guy hasn’t been around since, when, the late 80s?

[/quote]Didn’t he bob?

Loved me some Jim Robken. El Dorado boy, as I recall…

Robken had already stopped running around the arena before he left here, or before we moved into BWA. His knees couldn’t take it. He has retired as director of bands at La Tech. And, as I recall, there were some things that led to a forced departure from UA.

That ship has sailed. Jim is not going to be running around BWA, or around La Tech’s arena either.

Swine, I think the sentiment is that we need someone like him. What he did was absolutely amazing for basketball during that era.

Here is a youtube clip of Barnhill South Ark V. Texas

Need somebody like him to do it. Fun time for sure!!

I was there for much of it, 1978-83. I got to know Jim well. But that was a very different time. A band director can’t do that much any more. What makes BWA fun is when we’re winning. I watch videos of Qualls’ dunk, watch when we drilled #2 Auburn and #2 Florida and the place was rocking without a band director actin’ the fool.

Second game I attended at BWA, in 1995, we were down 12 or so to Auburn (which had spanked us at Auburn a few weeks before) with about six minutes left, didn’t look very promising, then somebody hit a three, the crowd exploded and soon that 12 point lead was gone. We won by 2, and the crowd did it as much as Corliss and Scotty did.

If you were part of the Barnhill era then you should remember that many times when the team was not getting it done the band (chanting / cheering etc) would get the crowd going and the opponent would get rattled and then the breakaway dunk… and it was over. I saw the crowd take over a game more than once and many times that was Robkin doing his “fool” stuff and not even the band playing. It was a magical time to be a Razorback basketball fan for sure.

here here! They drive me bananas!

He was a huge part of the most raucous home court in basketball. I can remember great games playing Texas, Texas A+M, Houston and others when he riled up the crowd and Eddie got the team reorganized and we raced to a huge win. Barnhill was a really loud arena and Robken kept things at a fever pitch. Lots of great memories at Barnhill.

Get him some knee replacements and let he run the HW band. If he can’t run the bleachers, let a senior be the runner. Biggest honor of HW band. WPS

My recollection is that Robken left the UA so he could marry a UA student.

I’d put the band under Mike Neighbors and let him make adjustments on what is needed. He seems to know about music, bands and basketball. In case you didn’t know, he joined in with the band during one game, playing guitar.

From the way I understand Eric Musselman and his attention to detail, he’ll get the band the way he wants it. The guy will touch every aspect of the program.

But more than anything, the band is just fine. Just need a consistent winner to change the arena.

Jim Robken fit at Louisiana Tech more than he did at Arkansas. There is a time and place for everything, but the time for him at Arkansas was over. Ask someone who was in his band. They will tell you about him.

Well why don’t we finish on a personal downer Clay. My attempt to inspire the crowd as well as the players is my point. You have taken this to a personal level and it is disappointing.