Brilliant move by Muss

so far!! Pretty simple really, just move Devo to the point and a 50/50 split with AB. Just the fluid continuity has resulted in relaxing that pressure on the entire team. AB gets his looks and then move back to point and boom!

1st step towards the recipe for a showing in the Dance!



Muss knows his stuff. And I agree 100% Mike.


The same move earlier didn’t work with Council. Devo has impacted the game in a calm way for the most part his performances in these last few games sets the tone for other to follow. The hogs will go as far as he can lead them!

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Experience DOES matter

We can lust after the one and dones, but you better always have some guys who have been there before


Muss is great but I think Muss did the obvious here. Few games ago, many had pointed out just on this board that Devo at times looked like a better facilitator than AB at the point.

Actually he’s tried it a couple of times in recent games and it hasn’t worked out as well as it did last night. There were other things different than just Devo at point. The main thing in the first half was that our movement without the ball was much much better. Second half, we tried to kill the clock and all we did was turn it over.


I agree with you, but describing Devo as calming takes a while to get used to.


What I have seen from Devo is more maturity. The last few games he no longer drives out of control into the lane and loses the ball or throws a dumb pass. So yes, I agree that Muss made the right move.


Devo has looked more under control and smooth the past few games; less forcing. Perhaps he was simply trying too hard earlier in the season because of the three fives.


I am a Devo fan. Muss tried this earlier in the year and Devo did not produce. He took bad shots and turned the ball over. This was not something new…except for much, much better execution by Devo.

From everything Muss has said publicly Devo has earned his confidence and likely we will continue to see him at point. What I felt was interesting in the last two game was using both AB and Walsh to attack from the sides with Devo and RC4 driving from the key or either side of key. Last night Walsh was place at to of the key without much production. I think he better lower on either corner. I do wonder where NSJ is going to fit as this current rotation without his presence becomes more established.

Devo has been playing great as of late. I’m wondering why Muss doesn’t play Graham more? And I’ve heard the “dont play defense” argument but it seems to me he has enough offense to more than offset any short-comings on “D”. Graham is great at penetrating the zone that opponents have been using on us!

Devo has been making shots better than anyone on the team, plays unbelievable defense most of the time and has been getting assists as well.

So just getting devo the ball more via point position and making the defense respect his shot opens up a lot of things.

Amen! I think Devo brings the experience and is the core on both ends of the floor, it’s pertinent to have a core or you will fall apart. The only thing with Devo is he needs to continue to take what they give him and not force the play that’s not his game. WPS

It does but that’s what he did last night.

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My Daughter is going into her Sr. year as a ChemE major, concentration in Bio-Engineering. I have to say that is a tough curriculum…

Guys he’s noticed it in practice. Sure it’s been tried but the last 10 days to 2 weeks has shown them the way. Yes Graham needs 25-20 minutes and IMO this will help us to elite levels.

We all knew there would be trouble but just not to this extent. Now we need to slowly walk back up the NCAA Tournament ladder. Just like we fell we can go the other direction!

Bayou is she at Arkansas?

I am a UA ChemE ‘84. JD ‘88.

Cool. I’m an 88 UA chemE