Briles trickerations debate: Are there any that have worked -------------

------------------ as planned? I do not count the ones that broke down and a player just improvised to gain some yards. I think the “fake trickeration” might count where Rocket took an inside reverse handoff for a score when the play implied an option sweep to the other side with Hornsby in the pitch position is indirectly a successful trickeration against Cincinatti. Have any double reverse wideout passing plays worked-------------------ever for Arkansas? I think Treylon had one pass completion so maybe there is another one. Have there been any big gains when we rush up to the line to run a play quickly? I know Briles has done great work developing KJ and his power running spread works well and he is highly thought of in coaching circles, but all of that just seems to be there in spite of his trickerations, not because of them. I know many are more of a fan of his than I am so maybe they can remind me of all of the many successful trickeration plays that I can’t recall.

The one that comes to mind is the 27-yard pass from Warren Thompson to Treylon Burks during the Texas A&M game last year. I think that was the only receiver pass that has been completed under Briles.

There was some success in the Outback Bowl last season with KJ Jefferson and Malik Hornsby on the field at the same time.

I’m with you……in the last game, we were
pounding the football with great success. I’m old school…you keep doing what works until the other team is forced to make an adjustment to stop you.

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I think the 2 gimmick plays on 2nd and 3rd downs of our fourth offensive drive against A&M were poor timing, seeing as how we tried to throw the ball to Hornsby on 1st down. With him staying in the game, they gave more attention to him on the subsequent downs.

However, I don’t have a problem for the most part with Briles inserting them over the course of a game. There is something to be said about a defense having to be prepared for those plays at any given time that makes your more normal plays more successful.

The fact that they don’t always gain chunk yards is almost irrelevant. It’s like a boxing match where one boxer keeps wildly taking uppercuts. You have to keep twisting to block it, but leaves you susceptible to a jab. And the jabs are what wear you down over the course of the fight.

trick plays are brilliant when they work.

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Some of the reverse passes are run-pass options so they do not have to be passes to be as called.

Burks running the option against Misery and pitching to Rocket for the score last year would qualify.

Let’s face it, if trick plays worked all the time, they’d be called a lot more. They’re high risk, high reward. But there is value in calling them even if they don’t work because it can keep the defense from totally focusing on, say, doubling Burks or loading the box to stop Rocket.

I forgot about Burks optioning to Rocket. I liked that one. Clay says some of them were run/pass options, not just someone making plays free-lancing after a play got blown up. I would love to see them fake the reverse to Hornsby and just run the sweep anyway. They seem to go for extra yards when you make them respect the reverse as a decoy. Hornsby can take far more players out of the play with the fake than he ever could actually blocking.

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Hornsby made good yardage on a sweep with a run/pass option vs Cincy (USC-e?).

There are all kinds of higher percantage plays that we aren’t running to keep the defense honest. If you have to rely on high risk/high reward to do that then we don’t have the right person. I’d love an anonymous QA from other SEC DC on this!

And for everyone who wants to talk about how prolific an offense KB has, here is where it ranks in the SEC through 4 games. Right in the middle of the pack. Heck, even Vandy is ahead of us.

Vandy has also played Hawaii, which would lose to Misery State by 40; Elon, which is mediocre FCS; Wake Forest, which has not figured out this defense thing in years; and Northern Illinois.

We clearly got some Dunning-Kruger going here, pal. Not to mention a whole lot of cherrypicking to support that Dunning-Kruger.


Tho I do suppose running such plays can work in our favor strategically even if they’re not successful, I just don’t think we have the margin of error to take the risk.

Those crossfield backward passes behind the LOS make my heart stop.

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Lol, okay. What about the other 7 teams ahead of us?!?!?

Gosh, what would us mere mortals do without your superior intelligence!!! How do you ever make it through a doorway?

I remember one of those working when we played Texas in about 2004 in RRS. We scored a TD on it. Kept us in the game against them although they eventually won.

That said, those plays scare me, too

I don’t think they are any worse than 1and2nd down play calls for nothing or very little in 4 out of the 5 series to start a game. They are just football plays that didn’t work.


Trick plays involving DMac worked a lot. But that was DMac tho.
Fake FG against Bama last year worked.

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Man I bet you complained about ken hatfield’s play calling also.

He is best at calling plays since petrino in my opinion. Every year he has options to leave. I can tell you the players love him.

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He’s beaten a dead horse hard, probably too hard, but he does have a bit of a point. What we were doing was working, and A$M was reeling. Why change it?


The fact remains, it’s why this cat is typing looking at a monitor & Briles is coaching…