Briles to check on

in-state QB tomorrow.

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did Henry Hassleback impress during camp? this kid put Henry into lacrosse mode to the point that H2 accepted scholly to Maryland in lacrosse. Kilburg is the best in a line of Lipscomb QB’s that have found D1 schollies routinely. Supposedly better than the Cinncy and Libery iterations that have occupied the position the last two years, but had to sit his time since Lipscomb was so much better than everyone else they faced. Pointless and unfounded speculation, but I’ll bet that Illinois takes Jackson over Grayson if it becomes either or. Jackson sat this year behnind Hunter Brown but played significantly at Park Ridge in Chicago as a FR.

comes from athletic family and has to make a decision or his family does since Dilfer left for UAB. Dilfer was grooming the dude for Elite 11. Lipscomb soph class 2025 is phenomenal.

Just scanned your post. Running errands. Will look harder in a few.

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RD, has Hornsby gotten any offers? Thought I read ARK .St reached out, all I’ve heard.

Honestly haven’t looked into it.

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No biggie, just curious, if he would or could be on the team.

most important thing that Malik did last year was emphasize how important KJ was …

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There won’t be any panic next season with Jacolby on board.

He will push KJ. He’s not coming to sit.

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That’s why we need him here.

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