Briles’s Announcement by TCU

And Rocket liked it. Let the speculation begin!

Rocket apparently has some very nice NIL money lined up for next year. The Toads would have to pony up pretty hard to get him to transfer in May.

I have not seen anything to indicate that any of the big offensive contributors ever had a problem with Briles, so it’s not really surprising that they would wish him well in his new job.

I speculate Rocket, KJ and others are perfectly happy on the hill. But respect their former coach while being excited about their new coach.


That’s what I think. They like KB and are happy for him but aren’t going anywhere.


I would think that Jimmy Smith would have a bigger influence on Rocket.


TCU also brought in a Bama RB transfer. Rocket is probably just happy for KB. I don’t see him going anywhere this next year.

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I think 2 prior RBs did well under Enos as proof in pudding of how Sanders season is gonna go.

Good move for Briles; at worst he loses once per year to an SEC team.


Several people have suggested that the picture TCU used of Briles and his family was picked to try and head off negative comments on the tweet. (It didn’t quite work, if that was the case.)

I even wondered if they photoshopped his wife and kids into the shot. It just looks weird to me with them all seeming to be forward of him.

Who cares abouut logistics. Arkansas now has Coach Dan Enos back!!!


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