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I wrote this in a thread in July

"Been watching FSU 2019 and Houston 2018 plus some breakdowns of briles offense. I have to say that has to be the simplest offense I have ever seen. I can see why he believes they will get it implemented quickly. It’s also boom or bust. Never seen so many deep shots taken. I also have to say I’m concerned. SEC teams with SEC level corners and d lines could throttle that offense.

I can see how it works well against slower secondaries, but this is the sec not the big 12 or the ACC, where FSU struggled.

Speed in execution and an accurate deep(er) ball are clearly the differentiators. And, I like that he will run power repeatedly if you give it to him. His OLines aren’t great skill wise but maybe he will learn something or implement from Pittman."

Somebody tell me what’s going to fix this going forward so I can have some hope? I know Georgia has a good defense but this has been bad.

Recruiting Pittman-level offensive linemen that can run block. That will open up the offense a bit more.

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I was hoping it would look a little more Baylor and a little less FSU.

No, Georgia has a great defense. They allowed two rushing TDs last year. And, I suspect they will do well in that category this year, too. If you can’t run the ball and pass protect, it’s a long day. I don’t think anyone will run the ball on them much. They covered the swing pass in superb fashion. They have speed galore on that defense. It was a long day for the interior of the UA offensive line. Latham, Stromberg and Limmer did not get any movement or creases. Gatlin and Cunningham didn’t sustain anything on the edge. They did not miss a lot of assignments, they just didn’t win any battles.


Arkansas had thier fastest players with angles and the Georgia LB’s and still were tackled on the spot.

You are right Clay. Their D-line just whooped our O-line. Down after down. All day long. The bad news is I don’t know how much better we can get on the O-line this year. So young there.

The good news is we won’t always be playing Georgia.

And long term we ALL know the o-line will become a STRENGTH. But it can’t happen overnight on the o-line. That is a process.

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You can never attack a defense that has that kind of speed east and west. That is all we tried to do today.we hit Warren over the middle for a huge gain and never came back to it. We kept throwing a ball out wide where there is very limited space because the sideline is another defender. Mississippi State absolutely killed LSU today with crossing routes over the middle, why we never tried that is absolutely mind-boggling to me.we just kept trying to toss the ball out wide and they absolutely we’re running stride-for-stride with us immediately we had absolutely no chance to move the ball. Nobody is going to run the ball on Georgiaunless you are wearing them out with the pass and they have to take some men out of the box. I was left shaking my head, I was expecting a lot more creativity then what I saw today.but I did watch won Florida State game last year and really didn’t see much of it then either, you not just going to have a guy run Streak routes and get by people in this league.Mississippi state is nowhere near as good as defense does Georgia so hopefully we will see some improvement

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You Damian is correct…we had a couple of nice gains going across the middle and that was it, besides the Burks TD where he made a great play and broke a tackle to score his 1st TD. We played into GA’s strength in the backend of their D by going wide—speed. They had more of it. That D was stout.

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We can make excuses for talent and all is legit.

We are significantly behind as we know - despite great effort.

No push from O line.

And not due to effort.

My only knock on the OC was a plan thinking going east and west trying to win edge would ever win against such speed and talent. Ridiculous.

Stutter step of backs at line of scrimmage behind a line with no push.

That’s easy to fix before week two.

Stop the stutter step and go north and south.

With current talent we have to go tricked up but only if we can.

Their were a ton of plays where Rakeem Boyd & Treylon Burks had the angle and normally would have gotten chunk yardage but STILL were tackled with no Yards After Catch. 99% of the game.

Boyd was dancing because their was NO HOLE to run through. If their was one he would have exploded through it.

Franks was almost picked on 4 different occasions going towards the middle of the field. He was picked twice.

Arkansas will not face another front 7 of this caliber until week 10 in Alabama.


I understand the original post is about Briles’ tendencies, but I don’t think you can take too much away from yesterday’s game, other than to say Arkansas — like most everyone else for the past four years — couldn’t solve Georgia’s defense, and will have trouble against big, physical defensive fronts this year.

Watching the game yesterday, I told my wife that Georgia probably has 15-20 future NFL players on its defense right now. Maybe more. Combine that with Kirby Smart’s defensive genius and it’s incredible. There are some stats that suggest last year’s Georgia defense was one of the all-time greats in college football, and there are eight starters back from that group.


I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to believe that there is sometime to the thought that our players develop an inferiority complex in our program that no coaching staff has been able to overcome. We played Georgia to a standstill and then “boom” the wheels came off. No players on offense or defense rose to the occasion to take a difference. Well, some will say Georgia had more talent, but so did LSU against MSU.

Hopefully, I’m wrong and we can celebrate a great victory over a highly ranked team. We certainly have the chance this year.

I agree that Frank’s almost got picked over the middle a couple of times in my opinion because there was no crossing routes the best I could see and involved just one player coming right off the line of scrimmage(hot route to TE). The mini post to Warren was beautifully thrown and it was our biggest gainer besides the touchdown.when you have double crossers( high Low)you make the defense have to decide and usually they will mess up choosing one of them is what I guess I’m trying to say.the Georgia defense will be the best we see all year so this is a great learning curve for the whole team. I expect us to play better next week against a defense not nearly as talented as Georgia.

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