Briles Offense vs Morris Offense


Really enjoyed reading Tom Murphy’s article about the UA receivers. Mike Woods’ comments really struck me when comparing the current Briles Offense to the previous Morris Offense:

Woods said, “We’re split out a little wider and going faster, so that’s already going to cause problems for defenses, because of the tempo of our offense and our splits, because you’ve got to show what [defense] you’re in. I think the tempo is going to be a big deal.”

Apparently the Briles offense is better at tipping the Defensive call which will enable the QB to get a better read and improve the play calling…putting the Hogs in a better situation to succeed. Very interesting.


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Morris wanted to get the offense playing fast enough to force the defense to tip its hand, but like most other things he tried to do (like win an SEC game) it failed.

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I wouldn’t begin to know the first thing about coaching a team, but it’s painfully obvious Chad Morris didn’t know a whole lot more.


I think the biggest difference will it will indeed be a up-tempo offense,.the receivers will be spread out a little bit further which creates more running room for the running game and for RB and slots to work the middle of a field… but this will be an up-tempo offense much more than what Morris said he was going to do

I have talked to a lot of good offensive coaches about why you split receivers and why you don’t. Why you put a guy tight in the slot, why you don’t. Why you put a flanker tight and then take him in motion. Why you don’t and why you widen the field. How you use the boundary to your advantage and how you use the field side.

It can be about matchups and angles for blocking, not just pass routes. I expect the Auburn offense to be tough to stop. I expect Briles to move the ball, too. Receivers may not always understand that a split isn’t always to set up a passing play. It might be to set up a sweep or a screen.

I’ve listened to David Lee explain it, Rockey Felker explain it, Dan Enos explain it and Jim Chaney explain it.

I know Kendal Briles is extremely competent. I also know that Chad Morris has concepts that work. I saw his offense cut up the Alabama defense with Ty Storey two years ago. No one else was doing that.

If this offensive line gets it together, Kendal Briles will do well with the skill players that he has on hand if the first group stays healthy. This receiver group lacks depth. That’s not me saying it. It’s Kendal saying it.

The main thing this unit has to do is stretch the field. It did not the last two years. Was it because the receivers were not split wide enough? I don’t think that’s what caused it. I think it was inexperience and lack of a cohesive receiver corps. Too many were learning on the fly and there was never solid protection to throw deep.

I saw little protection. I also saw Nick Starkel struggle with mechanics. Was that just bad mechanics or was it not getting any confidence because of lack of protection.

The key game last year was Kentucky. Receivers were open. The lack of offensive production came because of inaccurate throws by Starkel in the first three quarters. Hicks got them going, then there were two protection busts in what could have been the winning drive.

After that, it was all bad on both sides of the ball.

Right now, these players believe in their coaches. They think their coaches believe in them. That’s the most important aspect of what is happening now. Sam Pittman and his staff have encouraged them and made them believe two things: 1, they are better than they have played recently. 2, they will be better coached. I think that’s about half the battle to think you can do it. I like that a lot.

The most important aspect of the Briles offense is how quickly they get from one play to the next. They are going to try to go faster. Can they? Will they be able to get their communication down and move quickly?

To me that was the ultimate downer of the last two years, that the team did not play fast between plays. Was that intentional because of a poor defense? Was it just poor communication from the sideline to the field? It may have been a combination of both.


I was at that Kentucky game and you described it perfectly. We had a chance to put the game out of reach before our defense got tired from chasing their Wildcat QB, and just could not connect on passes with guys open. I also think the young receivers may have run the wrong routes a time or two/dropped a ball, but overall it was the inability to accurately deliver the ball that kept UK in the game.

Thanks, Clay for your informative and encouraging comments about this years edition of players and coaches. I’m excited to see a positive difference between this team and the last three years.I so want them to play like a band of wild Razorback Hogs again! That’s what I’ll be looking for in the games where we will be so outmatched. At least for the road games we won’t have to worry about crowd noise. WPS!

The WR’s are lined up outside the numbers right up against the boundaries. The inside recievers outside the hashmark. larger than 4096KB)

That forces the LB’s and DB’s to declare what their doing (they can’t dequise the defensive scheme)

If the Safety’s up their going to take the top off the defense…

You got it Daytona.

Additionally the super wide receiver, makes it very very difficult for a corner to cover the slant across the flat if you are trying to cover the post. You will see a lot of deeper slants. High tempo, and they will be very high tempo when they want to be, will immediately take advantage of an incorrect corner alignment and will tend to make the safety hedge on the deep route pulling them out of run lanes.

You have to have a qb that can quickly spot the mismatch (although you will see briles be a very fast second if not first set of eyes) and be able to throw the deep ball.

I’ve watched a lot of offensive tape from multiple briles stops. It is a very simple offense that relies on super high tempo and quick reaction to whatever the defense initially gives them. There will be no comparison to last year in the speed category.

You will also see a ton of running. Briles will call a run on 3-12 more than just about any coach out there. He will also call the deep ball on just about any play.


To throw deep, the protection must improve. That’s been the bugaboo for four seasons in a row. Dan Enos likes the deep ball but poor Austin Allen was smashed. Tackles must form the pocket. Guards must anchor in front. It sounds simple but it’s not.


Yep, it starts and come back to Oline play. That has to come first and it has to be there. If you do not have that, it does not matter how fast or good your glory boys are. Games are won or lost by the Center, Guards, and Tackles with Tight End thrown in some.

I should’ve also mentioned that briles best offenses were clearly the best when he had a qb that could really run.

I also think you can see the affect of tempo on the pass rush. A slightly tired Dline and semi confused secondary makes for easier deep shots. Neither Enos nor Morris ever really put tempo on the opponent in a significant way.

When you are among the worst at third down conversion (as Morris offense was) tempo is not a factor.

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That is true Clay. Unlike Briles, Craddock would call a 50/50 deep shot with an inaccurate qb after they just gained +5 yards on multiple run plays. They put themselves in a lot of bad down and distance 3rd downs.

Briles will run it, or throw it, down your throat if that is what you give him without any care for “balance”. Of all the offenses I have watched, Briles seems the most willing to run the exact same play over and over until the defense commits.

He will lean toward the run from my observations all things being equal. But if he sees the wrong alignment he will take his shots.

It should be fun to watch. I always wondered why a coach stops running a successful play.

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Sounds like J Holloway off tackle, off tackle, off tackle.

Or Barry Foster up the middle, Barry Foster up the middle, Barry Foster up the middle. (And I would gladly return to that.)

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I think the ground game flew off with those banners a few years ago

Amen to that…especially Barry 80 yards up the middle.

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