Briles Last FSU Game

Interesting to watch Hogs new OC call plays yesterday and some takeaways after watching:

#1 FSU’s QB play was very similar to Arkansas and that was not good. That FSU starting QB was really bad … held ball too long … had no sense of pressure in the pocket … not very accurate throwing ball. Does that sound familiar? The back up QB could not throw the ball at all but wow could he run and his running illustrates the value of having a QB that can run the ball. The combination of both of those QB’s was a perfect illustration of the type of QB needed to make the Briles system work. Accurate short passing and arm strength to throw deep along with the ability to run the ball.

#2. A loosing season and a coaching change takes a toll on a team in a bowl game and that likely had a lot to do with the bad FSU play but I think it also illustrates that success is not completely dependent on talent or the offensive scheme. Talent is certainly required and the scheme has got to fit the talent but attention to detail is critical and this is where I think the influence of Pittman will help Briles. Successful OL coaches are all about details and I think you will see that influence play out with Briles working for Pittman.

#3. That deep route down the sideline after faking a post route was a thing of beauty but the FSU running game was also very effective and it is the combination of the two that opens things up.

#4. The importance of a good offensive line was on display yesterday and you have got to believe that a Sam Pittman team will have a good OL which is where it all starts and Briles after a season at FSU probably really understands that better than anyone.

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