Briles help for defense?

Not that Odom needs any help to coach defense, I thought we did a great job until we wore down in the second half, and considering the special teams failures and Georgia’s field position, the defense holding up as long as it did was pretty amazing. But I wondered for next week, against Mike Leach’s offense, if Kendall Briles could offer any insights for Odom. Art Briles is in the Air Raid family tree, and perhaps Kendall might know something about not just the strength of that offense but also its vulnerabilities.

The best “advice” he can give is to his offense so they can stay on the field and keep MSU’s version of the Air Raid on the sidelines.


Totally agree!

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Briles has enough to worry about with his own unit

lol…totally agree with WHAT? Reading your post, one cannot tell if it’s schwartz’s OP, or my reply.

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Geez, sorry about that Wiz.
I agree with your post!

I would assume that the game plan for our offense would be to run the ball more, and more successfully, which we should be able to do against Mississippi State, in order to dominate time of possession and frustrate their offense by their not being able to get on the field much. That was Bielema’s plan against a similar Texas Tech offense, and although this is a different time and a different offense, I would think the plan would be somewhat the same. Of course in addition to controlling the clock, we have to score. But I was more interested in what our defensive strategy would be. And I would think that someone very familiar with that offense, even though he had his hands full with our own offensive game plans, might have some insights into that that he could share.

Just trying to be helpful. If you post, I assume you want people to know what you’re talking about.

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If LSU can’t run on them I’m not sure we will, but I’d like to see us pull it off.

A running back does not make a running game.

Mississippi state has always got good DL. I was hoping they would be down this year up front but evidently they must still have some pretty good players there because they held LSU to 80 yards on 38 carries. We are going to have to find a way to control the ball this game or we will get toasted again, no way your defense can play a whole lot of snaps against that type of offense with as much running as our secondary will have to do.

I don’t expect vegas to be far off.

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