Briles should be given a lot of credit for the job he did as the OC for the past 3 years. The offense scored a lot of points and put up a lot of yards.

Having said the above, I do believe that Enos is an upgrade. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Use of the tight end - The TE was just not featured enough in the Briles’ offense in my opinion. That is a position that Arkansas has been able to recruit pretty well over the years and should be able to use to their advantage. Weapons in the past such as DJ Williams, Chris Gragg, Hunter Henry, and Jeremy Sprinkle have really helped the offense control the ball and be effective in the red zone. I think that Clay Henry made an excellent point when he said the other day that Arkansas struggled in the red zone this year in part due to the lack of use and effectiveness of the TE position. Enos has shown in the past that he likes to feature the TE and did it well with Henry and Sprinkle just to name a couple. Arkansas has some excellent young TEs and I can’t wait to see how Enos incorporates them into the offense.

  2. WR play - Keon Hatcher and Drew Morgan had outstanding development at Arkansas while Enos was the OC previously. I believe that Enos helps with WR fundamentals and coordination between the QBs and WRs. If I remember correctly, Clay even had at least one article about that when Enos was at Arkansas before. Enos just comes across to me as more of a “technician” than Briles. I admit that I am not at practice and I could be wrong, but that is my perception.

  3. QB play - Does anyone else wonder why KJ does not get the love by NFL scouts despite his excellent productivity? Look at early draft boards and lists of top QBs for next year in college football and you don’t see KJ even listed among the top 10 QBs in most of those.

Think about this - KJ has excellent size, high completion rate, low interceptions, good mobility, excellent on the deep ball (i.e. strong arm), team oriented, and yet crickets from the NFL “people”. Is it because of the Briles’ offense? Lack of fundamentals? It makes you wonder. I think that Enos will help KJ with his fundamentals, such as his tendency at times to throw high and/or wide on some of the slants or passes in the seams. And being able to make his progressions instead of focusing on one receiver.

I may be wrong about the above but I am certainly interested to see how KJ and the offense do with Enos as the OC.


Good post! Well, at least it makes a whole lot of sense to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, pigginout.

I will say this much. Briles didn’t use the tight end because we didn’t have one. If we had one of those guys you listed with briles I bet he would’ve featured the tight end.

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I don’t completely disagree. Washington caught a TD pass in the bowl game. I just wonder why we didn’t see more of him in the year given the overall lack of production for that unit.

I wondered that myself. Possibly his blocking was not up to par?