Briles and Turner

are expected to visit Luke Hasz at 1:30


Fantastic news! Let’s hope it is a home run visit!

Prayers sent🙏
UA…Campus of Champions

Turner will see Shamar Easter at 5 today. Probably still visiting Hasz. It appears he visited Hamm this morning.


Good sign with hog shirt on!!

I would like to think the TE recruits would be impressed with the new TE coach. He has an awesome resume and a great rolodex into the NFL. CSP appears to have hit a home run.
UA…Campus of Champions

Go get him boys!! Make sure you got a pocket full of Benjamin’s just in case you need them!!

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Told the visit with Luke went very well. The first day on the job and seeing the three TE commits has the attention of the kids.


Yes you cannot let any grass grow under your feet especially this close to NSD

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