Briles already mentioned

As a replacement for Sark at Bama

Do our Assistants & Coordinators have no compete clauses, except for promotions?

Nope, Pittman is the only one, and Briles isn’t on their list of unbelievable candidates, that I saw.

I bet Dan Enos isn’t on the list, either. He left in the middle of the night without talking to Saban. Probably the best way to do it. Ha.

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I always thought Dan was a solid OC. Not much as a recruiter, but a good OC.

I saw Dan in action on a recruiting night at the Catfish Hole. He was pretty quiet.

When you are confident you can hire coaches, you don’t worry about non competes. I believe coaches will want to work for Sam.

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On their 247 site he was listed third

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