Bright side

Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves. We have a lot to feel good about. Every team in college baseball would love to be in our position right now except two teams. We are now one of the final 6 teams left. Win tonight and we are in the final four.

Finally, there are teams that have been in our position that went on to win the Championship. WPS!!!


Excellent point @eldohog A month ago we’d have never thought we would be in this position.


the more they give us, the more we take. I don’t think the collective fan base will ever be satisfied till we bring home a natty


There is one thing for sure, the sporting god’s hate Ole Miss even more than the Hogs… they will blow up before all is said and done.


Man, I sure hope you are right. They were pretty shaky with the leather last night, but we couldn’t make them pay.

I’m afraid OM is like Coastal Carolina or that school that was seeded 4th in their regional & won it all a few years ago. They just got hot at the right time after a mediocre season. I’ll pull for OU over OM (assuming we don’t somehow pull the miracle & win 3 straight.)

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Another bright side: When we played the Rebnecks during the season, they took game one, we won the last two. So we can do it. Just gotta do it again. And beat the Bagmen to get there.


Yeah, but when we did that, you didn’t need to scrape our pitching off your boot when you stepped in it.

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Yeah, but we didn’t have to use pitchers in an interim game.

Those same kids could turn it around.


There’s still time for OM to get knocked around and use up some of their pitching.
Have no clue what OU’s pitching staff consists of.

Connor Noland will be ready to pitch Thursday on 4 days rest if need be. We aren’t out of pitching. Ole Miss and Auburn have their worries about pitching as well as we do. We have enough rested pitchers. They just need to pitch well enough, combined with our offense, to get the job done.

It’s not going to take a miracle to win this thing. It certainly will not be easy, but won’t it feel fantastic when we do it! WPS!


Anybody but Ola MS or ND.

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pretty sure they had some injuries during that series and are fully healthy now.

Uh, no. Graham was back from his injury by then. But nice try at being as negative as possible.

Just repeating DVH in his press conference. Guess he was wrong.

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