Brian Williams...

brother of RWIII, it appears from reading stories on him Arkansas is not even really in the running for him. Top schools such as Texas (spit), Notre Dame, UCLA, Stanford, etc. No mention of Arkansas. I know just because RWIII played here, that certainly doesn’t mean he’s a lock to go to Arkansas, but I must say I am surprised Arkansas appears to not even be in the running for him. He has said his brother’s injuries and retirement from football altered his recruitment and changed the schools he is focusing on. He says he’s focused on schools who can take care of him in life after football. It seems to me that how Coach B and the entire University of Arkansas has treated Rawleigh through everything would help us greatly if he is looking at schools to take care of him after football is gone. Certainly does not seem to be the case. Top safety in the nation for the class of '19. Ouch.

Everything that I have read, indicates CoachB is taking care of RWIII. I don’t know where his brother is coming from.

Love for him to be a Razorback, but if a kid has a chance for a full ride at Stanford… hard to knock that. By all accounts he is an excellent student.

Pay little attention to “Recruiting Speak.” The reasoning they give, the excuses are often disingenuous to say the least. We as fans provide a forum for this nonsense. Sorry for being so negative but I’m sick of it!

It’s hard to tell people who are on a recruiting board to pay little attention to “recruiting speak,” but I get what you’re saying. We have overblown recruiting in the last three decades to the point where it is a game all to itself. Glad we have Richard and Dudley to keep us informed, but sometimes (through no fault of theirs) we may be too informed about what’s in the mind of 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds.

“I definitely looked at my college choices differently,” Williams said. “Football could be gone at any moment. It’s not like, ‘I’m scared to do this or scared to do that.’ Life after football is definitely a bigger deal than I thought it was going to be.” - Brian Williams

These statements bold well for the University of Arkansas. His brother absolutely has a love affair with the Razorback football program and it’s appearent by his constant back and forth with Brett on Twitter. (They are tight)

This. 100%. Can’t think of a finer institution than Stanford. Especially if it is free

Kids have the right to choose where the want to attend college but from all indications Arkansas has been as humane and compassionate with Raleigh as possible. There are a lot of things involved in recruiting and I hope as fans we open our eyes to the process. My earlier remark about “Recruiting Speak” was not directed at Dudley or Richard but at kids and their reps. Obviously a single blanket shouldn’t be thrown over all but so many people just bask in the attention of the recruiting process.

As many kids that want to follow their siblings or other family members to the same University but there’s just as many that want to make it on their on so to speak somewhere else with a clean slate.Also no matter how well the Hogs have help take care of RWlll there are some horrific memories that the family members would have to re-live every time they walk into Reynolds stadium for four more years, it’s like returning to the scene of a car crash eventually it doesn’t bother you much but you never forget it happen. RWlll and his family are great people and I’m grateful for the time we with Raleigh and I’m thankful he was able walk away from the injury and live a full life, as far as his brother I wish him the best and may he make the very best decision for himself and family. WPS

Im not taking a shot at this kid, I don’t know him or his family. More than anything I am speaking against the recruiting process in general. Over the years we have seen how ugly this process can be in football & basketball. Like everyone, I want my alma mater to get the best players it possibly can. I don’t want to see the UA screw any kid over but I won’t apologize for taking offense when I feel my school is being represented improperly. And again Brian Williams has little or anything to do with this. God bless he and his family.

I haven’t checked on his recruiting in awhile but I doubt much has changed. I communicate with Brian’s dad several times a week, but haven’t recently because of camps and The Opening. We usually don’t even talk about recruiting.

One simple thing about recruiting and players! Tony Bua was the ultimate hog on defense and an assistant coach had to beg the head coach to get him a shot to play for the hogs. We need kids with speed and talent and most of all heart and desire to achieve. Let’s all give kids and families a break if they choose to go somewhere else. As for me I’m going to cheer for the hogs no matter who signs!

Army, that is well put. Bua was awesome.