Brian Wallace

Wonder what the real story is…there is more to this story. Hard to believe a coach wouldn’t play the best players but it’s very hard to say Wallace is not one of our top 3 linemen.

Let’s see he didn’t know the plays…

Possibly a personality conflict between our oline coach Kurt Anderson and him…

So we move Ragnow to guard and he tells him what to do…,really??

Who told him what to do last year for 10 games, Johnny Gibson and Jake Raulerson?

Yeah, its something going on…

Bielema had worked years and years and years to nab a very lucrative job. His career is on the line.

To suggest he thinks/knows Wallace if one of the better OL and isn’t playing him for some odd reason is just silly season.

Don’t be surprised if KA instituted part of his Oline scheme last year but not too much to overwhelm the players in his first year. Wallace was able to keep up barely. KA came from the NFL with some advanced techniques and schemes. He may have tried to add much more techniques and advanced key reads for this season. Maybe Wallace was at his limit last year SO this year he couldn’t or wouldn’t learn the additional new NFL techniques.

KA and BB may have been trying to institute a scheme that creates a player that is NFL ready as a way of advancing our program. Maybe some players resisted and you can’t let one or two players hold back a whole scheme…thus some players weren’t team players.

Fast forward to a 2-5 season and now the attempts to create a NFL scheme is imploded because of a few player’s resistance or lack of intelligence.



Desperation for Bielema has set in, he has to get the best out there for now. Why is Rogers playing all of a sudden? His dad tweets about his size and height, next week he starts at center…
In my opinion we have a coach looking to do everything he can to save his job and is playing players that haven’t been on field such as Wallace and Rogers. There is no expanatiom from a coach that explains how Jackson and Ramirez played before Wallace, none. Both were lost and it was evident in their play. Spin it how you want but Bielema is a coach speak, marketing guy that has not done his job as evident by the results.

He doesn’t owe you an explanation.

I agree, just play your best players but some of the guys he was putting out their was going to get someone else hurt…

I think this is a plausible explanation.

Well if he did that you would think he would see that 8o percent of the line is not getting it correctly and go back to some things that they can do…

Valid point. It obviously wasn’t working.

KA needs to adjust himself to what these kids are capable of doing. Once they get the first few down you can add to some but not all. No 2 people are exactly alike. The challenge is on the coach to do what he can to use the players he has to make things work. From the Oline to slow poor clock management this offense has never pushed a defense. They runs plays and get snaps off with 1 to 5 seconds on the play clock. That letting your opponent rest. Pretty stupid to announce your snap count.
The coaches need to adjust to what the players are capable of doing. That’s from play calling to pace of the game!

Play your best players period! Brian Wallace, Zach Rogers, Brandon Martin, David Williams and Cole Kelley. It is obvious. Enough said!

Really. That simple?

Martin was hurt so that wouldn’t work

How do u know they are the best?
What seat in the coaches booth is yours?

These type of comments are what make this board laughable these days

Your back ground as a D1 football must really help you know these things
So Wallace NOT knowing who to block is good??


A lot of truth in that statement, play your best players period… We will find out for sure if this is true and I want to add Hammonds on that list…

The question is best players based on what? What do we know that makes us know they are the best players? From what I’ve seen David Williams has played and has been just as ineffective as all the backs the last two weeks. As pointed out, Brandon Martin has been hurt, so he needs to play with a back injury? The first week he was healthy, he played and did well. But we form opinions about who the best players are without having spent one minute in practice. I’d love to see Hammonds more, but I know he’s a WR without one catch. That’s not necessarily his fault, but I wonder how well he knows the routes. We don’t know. Cole Kelley looked good and I like his size, but let’s remember he is a redshirt freshman who is bound to make mistakes.

I know you want the best players playing, but we can’t know that the best is the best based on high school star rankings. We don’t know how college life is affecting their play on the field or in practice. Let’s hope the coaches are playing the best players. One thing is certain: if they don’t, they won’t be playing anybody at the UofA for very long.

Hey the best Coaches always have the best booth as well, they are supplied with armrests and they recline, some even vibrate & have drink holders nowadays. HeHe.

For some all they need to know who is best are the recruiting stars. If he’s a 4 star, then he should start. I don’t think that’s how it works.

No offense, Clay, but he wasn’t JUST a 4 star. He was a HS AA that announced at an All American Bowl, he was coming to Arkansas. This kid should have been the starter from day one, instead he has barely seen the field. Was he overrated? Or do we not have the right coaches to develop him?

I don’t necessarily disagree with this, BUT our DB’s seem to be better than last year (without Pulley). The new DB coach just came from the Falcons after a Super Bowl showing. Seems they’ve improved, you would think the Oline would have as well.