Brian Wallace leaps into an 'OR' with Colton Jackson at RT...

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They moved Wallace alongside Jackson on the depth chart after Wallace graded out in the 90s against Texas State. Bielema said it’s a toss-up and both will likely play. He mentioned a 50-30 snap breakdown, but said it could trend more to one person if someone takes hold of it.

He and Enos were very complimentary of Wallace. Bielema mentioned that he had a talk with Brian and his dad during fall camp because Brian wasn’t where he needed or wanted to be. He’s responded well since.

I thought it was obvious watching the game Saturday that Wallace possesses a lot more quickness, especially laterally, than Jackson, which helps him in pass pro. Obviously they’ll need to be able to pass block this week. I think they’ll rotate, but Wallace will get the majority of the snaps unless he’s just really struggling.

It also helps that Ragnow is lined up next to each. And Jeremy Sprinkle and the backs will need to be active in pass pro. Bielema specifically pointed at Sprinkle and Dan Skipper as players who had an opportunity to raise their NFL profile with matchups against Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall.

coaches must have paramount faith in Wallace to put him out there vs two of the best DE’s in college football, but when it comes to offensive lineman i think Bielema’s reputation speaks for itself so i trust the decision fully. i agree, its obvious Wallace is a rare talent of an athlete. im glad he’s finally getting his opportunity to show his worth. i hope he does well and gets some pancakes. if we can get our offensive line fine tuned i think we’re in for great yr. sureing up pass protection allows us to fully take advantage of the weapons we have on the perimeter, especially Reed. good luck mr. Wallace, you could be the missing link that turns season from good to great.

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They need to do something or we will be playing with a back-up QB!!! :evil:

They need to do something or we will be playing with a back-up QB!!! :evil:
[/quote]I think Colton did fine against TCU…they were rated a bit higher than the aggies at the time.

I think it’s a good thing to rotate those two, they will stay fresher that way while competing against aTm’s premier DE’s. Wallace needs to grab the bull by the horn now.
Jackson will develope into a fine tackle in time also.


I think Colton will be a very good tackle by the time he is a junior, but he made some critical mistakes against TCU. Wallace looked better against Texas State than Colton did and should get the majority of the snaps against A&M.

neither of these guys are SEC ready.its imperative we run the ball great this week because both of these guys are going to really struggle against their DE’s

I hate to lay the whole season on these two guys, but at least with the offense, it seems this is the weak link. If they can protect Austin, I think the offense becomes very good. Run blocking is still not where it needs to be, but that is not the biggest problem right now.

The defense seems to be getting a little better. They will have a big test Sat. Then we will know. They will not stop A&M. Too many good players, but they can make enough plays, if the offense does it’s job.

would probably struggle to some extent against these guys, not certain that they are going to be schooled by these guys. We might hit those DE’s square in the mouth and they fold like a cheap suit. If I remember correctly we had a good game plan last year for Garrett.

We led the SEC in fewest sacks last year not because we were great pass blockers but because the defense had to defend the run first and pass rush second. We need to run right at these great pass rushers and pound them. If we can pass when we want to and avoid long yardage situations, that goes a long way towards negating their great pass rush.

I have always said the best way to attack quick pass rushers is to run straight at them. I think you might see some looks with two tight ends, too. That pushes the ends a little wider and makes the middle easier to attack because those ends have one more man to get past to stop the run. They are an active set and can play the run better than last season.

Bootlegs were good against these guys last year. I suspect the pocket will move a little, too.

I said this in another thread but I am going to say it once more 'cuz I am at work, it’s slow, and I am bored. I think we see the RB screen we showed against LaTech in the first game several times. That is a play that is made for slowing down rush ends.

this would be a good game for the shovel pass.

the good news we afent to ask them to block them by themselves I expect us to max protect a good bigt and have a TE and RB asigned to help them out…the key likw you and I both said is torun at them…you always run at speed whuch neagates their advantage.

Youdaman knows O-line play. Run right at the quickest and fastest guys. Don’t try to beat them outside.

I agree that the best way to defend against their pass rush is to have a very good running game. However, I don’t think RW3 can do that alone and not sure Walker will be a big help. They need Whaley. but, again, not sure he is ready for the bright lights just yet. Not with carrying the ball so much, but the protections he’ll need to execute or AA will get hammered.

Whaley has been improving but I agree that his isn’t ready to jump in and take over 40 or 50% of the running game. He is better off staying healthy while watching and learning from the more experienced backs. I am hopeful that Whaley will go on to have great success in following years but I’m not ready to clear the roster of the other players that have been there and done that, waited their turn and proved their worth over time. Understand that I am not being negative about him, I am simply saying keep him healthy and he will get his time on the field. He is certainly ready enough to jump in for short spurts to keep everyone fresh and to keep the defense guessing though.

Seniority is much less important than how well you do the job. Typically, high school running backs are not great blockers (we may have one coming next year who appears on film to be an exception). Whaley must improve in this area as well as in setting up his blocks and picking his hole (another different animal than in high school). He’ll get there, and when he does the coaches will surely play him more. I, and I think many other hog fans, expect to see many great and exciting things from Mr. Whaley before the end of the season.