Brian Wallace Jr

His dad posted on Facebook that Jr. was in ICU and needed prayers.

Been communicating with some people about his condition but I’ll leave that up to the family to put out.

Sorry to hear that will be praying for Brian

Prayers for Brian and family.

First, prayers for him and his family. Second, and showing my stupidity, who is he?


As I said, I was being stupid. Duh. And still prayers for him and his family.

Greg, I had to look him up. Don’t feel bad.

Sorry guys. In between things and didn’t add more info.


Appreciate you Richard.

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:pray:t2: lifted up for Brian and his family!!!

Frightening news, prayers for this young Razorback and his family. I’m guessing Brian is in his mid 20’s. Takes your breath away any time something serious impacts our children.

Me too. That was one of those 2 years of football that my old feeble mind has decided to mostly block. I shouldn’t be blocking players names though. And for some reason, my stupid mind won’t block that coach’s name. It just continues to live there in infamy in my mind.

I do definitely remember Brian now that these posts prompted my memory. Prayers to Brian and family!

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He is 26 according to his bio way to young to be fighting for his life. Not only was he a great Razorback but an outstanding young man. Please keep him and family in your prayers!

I wonder what happened to him to be in ICU.

Praying he recovers and has a long, healthy life. I seem to remember we had a real battle for him in recruiting.

Wondering the same thing. Two years ago, if someone healthy suddenly ended up in ICU we had a pretty good idea why, but things have changed pandemic-wise.

He had issues with asthma while at Arkansas. Mostly likely contributed to this.

I hope & pray he recovers. Nobody that young should suffer a heart attack & be that close to death. Scary.

Otis Kirk twitted today that he had had two heart attacks and was barely response to some brain and other movements. Comments from family similar. Hopeful he gets better but very sad news to hear. Way too young to have this happen.

Horrific news. Prayers for Brian and family and friends. Shocking to face this as a parent.