Brian Walker

I missed this until today, but former Arkansas catcher and volunteer coach Brian Walker resigned as an assistant coach at Wichita State earlier this week. He went there with Todd Butler in 2013.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Walker is going to get out of coaching. … coach.aspx

Things have not gone well at Wichita State for Coach Butler and Coach Walker. Sorry that it hasn’t worked out so far.

Heard Walker is moving to NWA to work for a prep baseball organization that puts togather HS showcase teams.

Walker’s family never moved full time to Wichita. As hitting coach, he was the chief recruiter for the Shockers, along with Todd Butler. So he was gone a lot and that had to be tough to see family. I was surprised when Brian decided to take that job because I was aware of his wife’s love for this area. I don’t know how you do that. What is it, about a five-hour commute for the family to be together.

Wichita is a 4-hour plus a few minutes drive from Benton County. That’s a tough commute.