Brian Kelly

Big balls


Yes and it paid off! Bama got beat at bully ball.

A worthy field storming unlike the ole miss game

That’s the kind of play you run for a two-point conversion one that’s just about impossible to cover all you have to do is put the ball on the outside corner and let him catch it much easier than trying to run straight up the gut into a six man defensive line SMH


Hell of a coach.
LSU will smoke us if we don’t get our act together.

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Bama likes to control the narrative. Hit em quick.

great play call. We had same opportunity and we run right at their strength. Not difficult to understand why players transfer back to LSU.

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No whatever reason, we can’t start fast. Without a fast start, LSU will overwhelm us.


Biggest and best plays in LSU Bama game, were no play at all. It was extended plays and busted plays. Repeatedly freed up talent. Won the day.

We continue to take the ball and try to just hammer it right up the gut.

can’t transfer “back” to a place that never gave you an offer. I’d imagine half our roster would be elsewhere with the the right offer. In fact, I’d imagine you’d be elsewhere with the right offer.

The jokes about this guy after week 1, I guess the jokes on Nick now, NO PLAYOFFS.

Proud to see Bama get beat. I just hate to see Bama make it every year. Arrogant fans for both teams.

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If you go back and look at that two point play it’s just a simple rub route basically a pic play where two receivers got in the way and made it very hard for the guy who was supposed to cover the tight end to get there that’s how come he was open and available to catch the ball. Great play design, almost impossible to cover it


Just gotta tip my cap to Kelly. I thought it was a terrible fit, but that cat can coach. He is light years better than Jimbo.


Kelly came to LSU to beat Saban. Mission accomplished in year one. Let that sink in. Kelly is a top 3 coach in the SEC and he is on a mission to win a NC. I like his chances.


Hogs, UAB, and Jimbo remain to get to SEC championship vs Georgia.

Seems Saban helped Kelly, the decision that Saban made and failed on (going for two point conversions in regulation) kept Alabama’s game tying field goal from being a game winning field goal.

If he starts beating Saban, the rest of the league has a chance. So he’ll have the rest of the league still to compete with.

The West is LSU and Bama most years. The rest of the teams are playing for the Liberty Bowl.