Brian Dutcher

Has a very punchable face.
That is all.

He’s ugly, sunken eyes, something wrong with his look. I agree with jermy

Yep. Just an unpleasant sort. The coach of FAU is about to see a huge jump in income.

He has agreed to a new long-term deal to stay at FAU.

Dutcher is a terrific coach. His defenses remind me of Eddie Sutton defenses. Physical and no technical errors.


Not sure what looks has to do with anything, but the guy can flat out recruit and coach.

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People forget the year the Dance was canceled, his team went 30-2.

I doubt anyone who follows college basketball questions his coaching ability. The barage of reports coming out of the Maui Invitational painted a very negative view of the way SDS conducted themselves during the tournament.
Go Huskies.


Everybody on their bench is about to get punched in the face Monday night…

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Dutcher was the only reason Michigan ended up with the Fab Five. He was lead recruiter for Webber and Howard. Also instrumental in getting Kawhi to SDSU.

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