Brian Anderson emerges as a top rookie

Marlins’ Brian Anderson emerges among MLB’s top rookies

I’m glad to see him doing so well. It surprised me, honestly, to see him come up and make such an immediate impact, but it’s fun to see so many of these guys we’ve watched over the years at Baum getting their chance in the big leagues.

It’s funny how certain players you think will make it and others you don’t, but it often turns out different than you expect. I really thought maybe Nick Schmidt and Jess Todd would make it several years ago or that Brett Eibner might stick, but you just never know.

Did Anderson play catcher at Arkansas? That’s what I recall, but I could be wrong.

I remember his as a guy who played infield (third, shortstop?) and the OF. He was highly touted but had trouble adjusting in the field, as I recall. Kind of like Shaddy last season (2017). But the talent was there, and he did well at the plate.

It would be ironic if he wins ROY this season after Benny finished second (to Judge) last year.

No, he was not a catcher.