Brett McMurphy on Bryant's likely destination … 20/video/1

I hope he’s right.

Not a twitter guy so it won’t open. I assume Hogs are on the short list?

Not only on it, at the top of it. He thinks KB is coming here due to his relationship with CM, who recruited him at Clemson.

Would love to have him and he graduates in Dec so he will be here in Jan…great opportunity for him and us!

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I don’t know why anyone would follow me, really. I tweet about twice a year. But amazingly enough, 25 people follow me.

I embedded the tweet in the OP. You should be able to see the video whether or not you have a Twitter account.

Well on the surface AR is the logical choice from a coach & scheme standpoint. Depends on how comfortable Bryant is looking at our current record & recent past, current Oline situation & knowing it may be even more inexperienced next year, skill players around him here, ie WR’s mainly.
I guess how much we progress & finish this year could also be a factor.
Or he is sold & decision made already. Surely he isn’t seriously considering BP & Louisville as mentioned.

The official visit later in the month hopefully confirms his inclination to play for CM again. CM seems to know how to do the official visit thing quite well, and even our previous coaches have had decent success if they can get a kid on campus.

We can only hope this comes true. QB is key to any offense and he is far better in sync with CM ‘s offense at this time.