Brett Bielema seat should be officially hot.

You can’t have this what has continued to happen all year. These last two losses have been completely on coaching.

It may be with us but it won’t be with the people who ultimately decide.

Barking at the moon

Check his buyout. He’s safe

He has got to make some assistant changes

Until Arkansas decides it has high expectations and goal of winning titles, this kind of performance is acceptable, is believed to be in line with small state capability, and the AD and his coach are always safe.

I agree that the buck stops with him. When your team consistently folds at the first sign of adversity, it is on the coaches.

That said, it all started with 3 plays that had little to do with coaching. Two fumbles and an awful pick by 2 guys trying to do too much.

Above the coach it’s long. Maybe he’ll raise prices again. Sick of his excuses. Get an ad that demands success on both football and basketball.

I’ am literally sick. Bielema never got in the face of any of his players. He just stand away from them with that stupid headphone on. I never thought this team would be more of a national embarrassed than the Mizzu game. How I was wrong. ESPN is have a field day re-broadcasting the highlight nightmare. :evil: :evil: :evil:

I watched a real coach work Wed night, Bill Snyder. He was into the game, coaching and rallying his players. On paper K State should not have been in the game but their win shows what happens when you get good coaching.

Yes, he was amazing last year in the Liberty bowl.

Good sideline coaching by the same whiners!!

The same coaches got the bid leads right??


They had their 5th string QB playing - literally.

Yep they got big leads and then watched helplessly as other coaches made adjustments and took them to the wood shed.

From your previous posts, it seems coaching is everything. With four weeks, it seems such an amazing coach should have had plenty of time to get him up to speed.

5th string QB and numerous injuries and KSU was lucky to just be in a bowl last year. He is amazing though. Perhaps Bret could call his old mentor and ask about how one goes about beating A&M. If not Snyder, he needs to call somebody.


And this

Man you condensed it into the real issue for this game. Our defense gave up 35 points in a half. We needed more max protect for Allen with an inexperienced Oline facing the blitzes and overloads that started to surface late in the second quarter.

We get it, you have always hated Bielema. So who are we going to hire? You be the AD and tell us who you are going to hire.

BB will be here at least 3 more years -so we may as well cheer and accept the uncommon results…