bret bilema

there was man in walmart in el dorado today that looked almost exactly like bret. if he had not bought probably three hundred bucks worth of groceries, i would swore it was him. can not imagin bret buying groceries in eldo.

Did you ask the man how confident he feels in landing Montaric Brown soon?
Does he think Devwah will have immediate impact in the fall?
Will Austin Allen throw for 2500 plus yards as a first year starter?

If he looked at you cockeyed after the questions, more than likely it wasn’t him. Or the man could be well versed in Razorback history and up to date, etc and answered with his opinions and still not be CBB.

I guess asking for autograph would have been the only sure way to know.

Since Coach Bielema is in Connecticut this morning for the “ESPN Car Wash”, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him. :wink:

Snacks for the flight back to Fayetteville? :wink: