Bret Bielema mom Marilyn passed

Early this week. It was not unexpected. Prayers for Coach and his family. He’s coaching today vs. Michigan.


Sorry to hear that. I liked Bret’s parents from interviews I read.

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Lost his mom unexpectedly this week went in for hip replacement surgery so she could come to his games and all of a sudden went into cardiac Arrest


That is tuff. I had similar thing happened to long time friend of mind last week.

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Thanks Marty.

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And Illini just tied up the game in the 3rd quarter

Prayers for CBB and his family! I wish him all the best. I sure hope he is able to pull out a win today over Michigan.
Illinois 21
Michigan 14. Late 3rd quarter.

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It’s 17-10, Army, but the Fightin’ Bielemas are indeed leading.

Slightly off topic, and I know it’s cold (28 according to NWS), but there are a BUNCH of empty seats in the Big House for the #3 team in the country.

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I saw that too
Very surprised

The BH being what it is, there were still probably 90,000 people there, but that’s a lot of empty aluminum.

Meanwhile BB was not happy with the folks in stripes.

Illini were in control of that game and then their center snaps a worm burner. Seems like I’ve seen that before .

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Really tough officiating at the end. Everything went against Illinois. I didn’t like any of the calls. It certainly seemed like the officials were protecting Michigan. Holding, pass interference, no catch called a catch all in the last 3 minutes.

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My daughter in Rogers said theres plenty of free tickets being advertised for the game with Ole Miss tonight also

Exactly. They didn’t call Michigan for interference earlier on the exact same play that went against Illinois on the winning drive.

When I lost my mom, it was the most devastating day of my life. I hurt for anyone losing their mom.

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That is awful. Bret seemed to be very close to his parents. I lost my Dad suddenly too…when I was much younger. But still…it hurts SO BADLY

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Very sorry to hear this. Prayers for CBB and family.

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