Bret Bielema lost that game

They have just forgot how to finish.

You keep telling yourself that.

Thanks for that. I literally laughed out loud.

There was some questionable decisions, but the talent level just isnt there.

No I’m pretty sure that’s a CCM loss ! If we had won would it have been CBB win? Didn’t think so ! WPS

Gotta stop blaming CBB…he’s not the coach anymore.

I have to agree. To blame this on CBB is to be in total denial of what you just saw. This will apparently be the patent excuse all year, regardless of the opponent.

If you’re going to put finish and this team in the same sentence please add an “ed” to the back of finish.

To win this game? Lol you must be inebriated. The absolute shut down of the offense after the 2 quick TDs with horrible play calling gassed the defense. We beat them up and down the field all game long.

Brett will be blamed for the next 4 years

Garbage. The talent is bad but good enough to beat that team by 25. They were not prepared. Looked like a bad HS Staff. I keep reading that everything they do is aimed to recruiting.

But with little margin for error you can’t give away games to teams you’re 3 TDs better than because you’re scared.

It wouldn’t be so bad except for all the new era, hammer boogie baloney. Talk is cheap. Punting on 4th and an inch spoke 1000 times more than all their bush league catch phrases and memes. I don’t see them winning 3 games this year.

Well there’s more talent wearing helmets than there is wearing headsets, that’s for damn sure

Ya the Bielema haters will be along soon to blame him and tell us how this is the worst talent we have ever had and if we just wait until Morris gets his recruits it will all be better.

This team was dominated by Hawaii.

Morris just flat out stunk. Horrible. The 4th down punt was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my life.

Talk is cheap, yet you bought Mr. Uncommons BS for five years LOL

There he is. On cue.

Only thing that makes this somewhat bearable is watching 11-29’s cadre of sad loyalists ( Huntin, Gentry, negative Adam, etc.) crawl out of their holes they’ve been hiding in since the drunk whale got canned.

Bret didn’t lose the game but he did cash a check for it…

There I am? You’ve been more than depressed than normal since Bert and Jeffie got canned, but yet seem giddy tonight. Bert fan more than a Hog fan.


Not going on 4th and 1 up 27-17 cost us that game.

Agree -very poor decision