BREAKING: SEC Tournament canceled

The SEC and other major conferences have canceled their basketball tournaments.

WOW I had a feeling this would happen,I think they NCAA will be next.I worry about baseball too.

I had a feeling last night that our game was the last one.

I agree with no fans, don’t necessarily agree no games, but, I am no expert.

My guess is Greg Sankey has been talking with other people this morning, probably including Mark Emmert. I don’t think this decision was made in a vacuum. NCAA may follow suit today.

The other major conferences Matt mentioned are the Big Ten and American Athletic. So far.

So, as a result, the Hogs will (likely) finish the season with 20 wins, with the final game being a W. The only other times I can remember that happening were in '94 and '78 (when there was a consolation game at the Final Four, and we beat Notre Dame).

I was just saying that to a coworker. 3rd time since I have been following the Hogs that they ended the season with a win.

Apparently this will be NCAA total. So who wins the NC?

Razorbacks, of course! We were going to win the next 10 games. We should claim it quickly.

I think Alabama is a lot better at “claiming” NCs!

We won the last game of the season in both 1974 and 1975, before the SWC started having a tournament. That was Lanny Van Eman’s last year and Eddie Sutton’s first year respectively. Beat the Aggies in 74 and Baylor in 75.

That was before I started following the basketball team! :smiley: Been following the football team since 1970 or so (don’t remember the Great Shootout thank goodness), but didn’t keep up with basketball until 1977.

The point was that we finished the season with a W, AND won 20 games. In '74, Hogs went 10-16. In '75 we were 17-9. So, looks like this is indeed only the 3rd time in history it has happened.

You’re correct. I missed the 20 win distinction. Usually 20 wins meant the NCAA, which we never won. In 1936, prior to the NCAA starting the tournament, we lost in the final four of the US Olympic qualification tournament to a team from California. Two 20 win seasons in 1925 and 1926 ended with losses to Okie Lite and TCU.

The eventual US Olympic team (1936 was the first year basketball was an official Olympic sport) was made up of players from the California team and an AAU team from McPherson, Kansas. We lost to the California team by 11 in New York City. Presumably if we’d won that game, some of the US squad, which won the gold medal, would have been Hogs. Instead it would be another 48 years before two Hogs won Olympic gold medals in basketball.

According to Wikipedia, we didn’t know until the team got to Berlin that the Olympic tournament had a seven-man roster limit and games were to be played outdoors on what was essentially a clay tennis court. We got around the roster limit by dividing the squad into two seven-man rosters and rotating them. There were other rules differences which required adjustments, but the US won gold easily, beating Canada 19-8 in the gold medal game which was played in a rainstorm (I bet dribbling on that clay court in the rain was a blast).

After the NBA player tested positive, it changed everything. No real choice but to stop playing games at least for a bit.

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