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I’m gonna cancel my membership…The insiders don’t know ****!

They know a lot more of what’s being said than we do.

They just are going to only put out good hard information, not hear say.

Patience, it’ll all work out 1 way or another.

Have a good life.

At least give us something, maybe a rumor or a bone or such…

Lol there is nothing to report. There are a ton of rumors out there but none have any substance. Our guys reported that there was truth to the big money pushing for Gus. That died today. There isn’t anything ro report

Playamade ain’t goin nowhere!

Things will pick up after the conference championship games Saturday, could get real crazy with all the openings in the SEC and else where.

I wrote the only thing I know for sure within minutes after the game. It’s wait-and-see for Gus. That’s clearly the top choice. I don’t know if some will decide to wait as long as it might take – all the way past the national title game. And, I don’t know if it will become a bidding war with Auburn, a sure sign that it’s not going to happen. Auburn power brokers have made Gus’ life miserable in Auburn, but that might turn around with three more victories. He’s got a chance to be 3-0 in one year over the two most hated teams in Auburn land, Alabama and Georgia. I am guessing that will be a record for Auburn coaches, beating them three times in less than one month! Yes, he’s in play at Arkansas, probably the big play. After that, I’m not sure.

It would be extremely dicey to wait that long with Gus because Gus listens only to Jimmy Sexton. I don’t know that Jimmy is to be trusted. Things change with him as the money changes.

There. That’s what I know on Sunday morning.

If someone leaves our site because I didn’t make stuff up and just throw it out there, so be it. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

Good for you, Clay. I don’t expect the insiders to report rumors. However, what you just said about Gus tells me more than I knew. (At least it corrobororated one of the things I’ve believed to be true: that Gus is a target.). However, you raise one very important point I’d forgotten. That’s the Jimmy Sexton factor. That alone worries me.

I don’t think we can or should wait on the outcomes of Auburn’s games to attempt negotiations that might easily fail. Personally, I don’t want Gus. However, I’d rather get him & have him in place in 10 days than try to get him in a month, fail, & try to get someone else. Even if I wanted him, I sure don’t like the idea of waiting until after the playoffs to get him. If AU beats UGA in the SECG, the next chance AU has to lose won’t be until New Years. We can’t be without a coach that long with an early signing period that ends in December.

Thanks Clay — great information. I have been wondering just how serious we still were about Gus considering the negotiating game that’s being played right now. I was afraid of this.

Unfortunately, I fear we are going to get played – and by played I mean Gus is going to get a big raise and a buyout that will let him leave Auburn a very happy man should the power brokers want to fire him next year if he goes 9-3, etc.

Waiting until the NC game will kill recruiting for this year. Surely that’s not a serious consideration.

And to say this about Sexton — his job is to get Gus as much money as possible. That is his sworn duty to his client.

So in terms of trust, the only person to whom he owes loyalty is his client, Gus Malzahn.

And he’s very good at doing his job.

Go read 247, they are throwing out all kinds of rumors and then deleting them because the “source” changed their mind.

One day Otis is saying how good CBB was to them and now that he is gone he is talking about how CBB doesn’t treat people with a job to do very well
Now he is saying CBB didnt recruit well after saying how good he has been,
Plays to much to the sorry posters over there

I heard CBB kind of get onto a reporter after the MSU and i wonder if it was Otis


Give me Hawgs Illustrated and day


Lol, you’re right I’m not going anywhere… Just thought I’d stir the pot and get an reaction…