breaking news!!!

The Dow just shot past 24 thousand and is still climbing. To make this football related, why don’t we offer the new coach some bitcoin - and really sweeten the deal.

A bit here and a bit there and before you know it you have a bit more.
I still like the look and feel of a $20 Double Eagle Saint-Gaudens.

To keep it in the spirit of the time. GO HOGS BEAT HOUSTON!

hear, hear! (bitcoin might be flavor of the month - but I wish I had heavily invested about 5 years ago). Norvel - youngster that he is might be more enticed with a boatload of it, then DE Saints.

Yep :smiley:

Bitcoin has been the flavor of the year. It has been very good to us this year.

I don’t trust bitcoin. It might be doing well right now, but I’m skeptical of it.

On a side note, I get amused by the ads pushing people to buy gold because gold is really the best investment, yada yada. Given the liquidity of gold, I always wonder why if it’s such a great investment, the advertisers just keep quiet and amass if for themselves.


I do think it will rise long term, bitcoin that is. We started buying a little stronger at $700 late last year. We had already bought a few before at far less money as well as some other altcoins. Got really serious at $1000 in March. I really thought we would see a $2500 bitcoin this year. Double your money in a year always sounds good. It went through that at warp speed so we thought we might see a $4000 BTC and bought even more. Needless to say at $10k we are more than pleased. We made ourselves whole plus some with a sell at $7500 and now wish we hadn’t even done that. In the same year gold has increased $100.

My son and I own a small car lot. We accept bitcoin as payment. Had a guy pay us $12k in bitcoin for a car in March. I wonder if he realizes what that he paid for that car in today’s BTC price?

Kudos to you! That’s what everyone is watching - to see how prevalent acceptance as payment it becomes. Not too many places in U.S. will accept it right now. Much more so in Europe.